Saturday, February 14, 2009

What V-Day Means To Me.

E.M.O. D.A.Y. L.A. W.H.A.T.E.L.S.E. T-T

actually today did ain't that bad for me, not that i have a date showering me with presents and loads of care, candle light dinner and all those mushy mushy things, but i spent one whole entire day with my mum and my auntiieeeyy.. pathetic to you?
well, i had GREAT FUN today. and i mean it la weh~

and today aunty made it a confirm thing that every Saturday would be our work out day = swimming. yippee!!
so as you can guess, we went swimming today, very very early in the morning, about 8.30a.m we started to swim. and i HATE MORNING BATHS! what turfff!! the water was so damn cold, but whatatodo, slimming plan is still on! so instead of avoiding eating stuffs that one on such plan should not eat, we must also exercise*wah like so pro*

my swimming port! lol what turf! and yes, this is Kepong, Menjalara.

and since we are around that area, we went to the well known Kepong's wet market and ohmigosh, something great compared to what we have here. and no, i have no pictures if it taken but i am quite well ar describing though, for those that have not been to wet markets. lol

first thing first, wet market IS WET! lol what turff!
all i could say is things are way way WAAYY cheaper than the wet market at my area, loads of things to see and also things that i have not seen before. and i saw a medicine man selling tiger's dick and balls and they are known to heal some hell of a sickness. or was it to upgrade a man's 'power'?! what turf! i can't read mandarin at all so i don't know what it says.
imagine! people actually buys tiger's DICK AND BALLS and eats them?! T-T so pathetic sia..
The Rock also damn macho and i prolly thinks that he is 'strong' too so why don't they pay him to cut off his dick and dug out his balls and sells them!!! maybe can earn more sia~ xp what turf la this people!
oh oh oh oh... then we went to this WanTan Mee stall and this is no ordinary ones. they made and produce and sell their OWN mee. how awesome it that! and i think they wholesale it to other small WanTan Mee sellers too.. talking about side income. cause they produce as if they have 5000 customers perday! Lol.

later on, we went to my cousin brother's wife's house. what turf, i don't know what you call that. and played WII games with the nephews, ok NEPHEW cause one of them need to go school! aww.. so pitiful, it is Saturday and all he hears when he wakes up is 'Quickly get ready to school!' instead of 'VickyJieJie here already, go play WII bowlings with her.' Lolx...
and i sent him to school! ohmigosh! lol~you know why?
cause i have no license and i am driving at Kepong, totally not my place but luckily i did not get lost. pheww ^^ sue me people! lol what turf.

so that's how i spent my quality yet lonely Valentine's Day.
and oh before i forget.. i got a Valentine's wish from Mr. Christopher Edbert Leornardi. rather lame but kinda sweet. what turf.
'ey, know what?
*i dont know*
i don't understand why cupid was chosen to represent V'Day..
cause when i think about romance, the last thing on my mind is a short chubby ducky coming at me with a bow and love arrow.
^.^ happy Vday.'
p/s: i am the short chubby duck la, what turf!!
p/s:the blue word is what i add in.


YL said...

HAHA. quite true actually. that's the last thing i'd think of too =.=

Victoria said...

@yi ling:he'd actually meant that i was the FIRST thing he think of...he type wrong already~
he try to be sweet and sarcastic at the same time, calling me ducky and short and all

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