Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Bidding Bye to 1 Month Heaven & Hey to 7 Months of Hell

this is not an emo post cause i don't go emo twice a day! so this post got 'LOL' hahaha~

as of the title, my one month holiday has finally came to a halt. ironically, when i had it, i whimpered how bored i was and how i long to go college and be hectic all over again. now that today is my last day of freedom*i start work tomorrow*, here i am sitting here reminiscing what i had done for the past two weeks and pathetically, all i remember myself doing is stuffing my big fat ass at this meant-for-kiddo chair and go online the whole day*almost*. pfft and i still remember what me and my cliques said on the last day, 'During holidays im going to take out the ACC and redo lo i don't care..' pfft~~more like don't care doing or caring less about it!! LOL~

after 2 semester had came and gone, my study room looked like some Manchurian warriors had came in and thrash all my books and papers around. lol what turf. and mommy had strickenly asked me to get it cleared by the first week of my holidays. the outcome was, after two weeks of holidays and still am dragging my big fat arse to complete and redeco my study room. but i finalleyy!!, did it! wee~~on a hot day some more!! aren't you proud of me?!*winks* when all you do is sit in the aircon room and laze your butt in front of the computer! lol what turf

i got myself a big big box from Mommy's offices

and yes, i fill up my chairs with book instead of putting them onto the shelves and there is this inside joke mum created, 'Fuah, now in secondary also the whole room you conquer, later till Uni, the whole house full of your books la???'
what turf~

fyi::i super super untidy and i cant study in clean looking environment, i must have books all surrounding me to give me the 'study aura' and all those book must be EVERYWHERE! cannot nicely stacked like in libraries one, i usually will fall asleep in such condition, don't believe it?ask my cliques! lol~

see!! the amount of paper wasted and not forgetting the amount of trees sacrificed here??!
lol what turfff~~XP
and since when my papers are plastic-fied??woo~~must be mummy!

in the midst of dragging out all the cobweb-ed papers from under the chairs, i found this!

you all don't know what is this la~
this is my first Exam Slip in college!! lol whatturf~and i still had it! ohmigosh!!

seriously, i think i take more time to take pictures rather than nicely sorting out stuffs and packing the wants and unwanted. instead, i just chuck all the papers into the box and continued what i do best! lol what turff..

i feel so bad looking at all this papers cause i Go Green but it seems like my policy does not work now that all this pictures are here!! haia~
two whole friggin loads stack of it!!

a nice and neatly stack of want things

tanda Sirim Pass!! lol what turh!!

and the obligatory pose after a hard work!!! lol what turf~
eh hard work ok~see my face all reddish already! damn hawt! lol~~XP

then started all the camwhoring acts la cause it has been quite sometime me doing the I-GOT-BIG-FINGERS picture! damn fun but i think i lost my 'touch' cause all the picture i take no effect! damn dulan!

see what i meant?! not funny and no effect right! haix~
yes, i LOVE Jodi Picoult and i got a whole stack of her book collection.

that is not the only thing i dulan-ed! i had actually nicely stack my papers into the box and was about to close the lid and all, thats when i saw the steps to close it!!! damn!

all nicely stack

and i saw the directory!! what turf!

then i have to re-empty it!!ftw! cause the box cannot close!! fuah!! fuming like crazey!!

doesn't this saddens you! haiah! the amount of wasted papers!!

now i got it correct and ohigosh!! my papers filled the box up to the rim!! fuah!!

to show that this is still a new box, mommy got connection with FedEx!! don't pray pray!! lol whatturf..


all nicely packed and outta my sight forever!
now all FedEx got to do is sent it back to Japan!! lol what turf!


Isaac Wong said...

I think I used the least papers during my Col-Uni life. I dn't even have books or anything. Haha, everything is in the computer. eg, slides, notes and exam papers.

Victoria said...

@cicak::fuah! i used loads of paper leh!. and the print out notes, the extra notes, the tutorial papers, the papers i used to do all tutorial question..*swt*

u shud see me, bring so many files to college wan and i see people like no need to bring anythg~lol

Anonymous said...

woah..so many books need to studi..haiihh...tired! hehehe

Victoria said...

@tolanic::yeala!! haix~and to pack it is like hell la if i were to choose and pick out what is unwanted. paper lebih banyak dari buku.

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