Monday, February 9, 2009

A Decision

before i start ranting today, Bernard! i am so sorry that i had decided to not go to the outing today and i did not even informed you! i was not at Innit actually and i went there quite late and i did not see you there anymore! fuuaaahh~~ SORRY BERNARD!

after feeling all guilty to i was actually very happy and glad and proud and happy*i said that kan*that i decided not to go to the outing today. you all don't know how stress i was to make this decision. and prolly Bernard will knock my head if he ever reads my blog and this post. i was so stress because this was my very very first*virgin*outing with other bloggers and they are like elder than me don't know how many years and i had never been able/given the chance to see their face nicely and plus on, i don't really know them either. and i was scare that if i went, i would be bored to death cause i have no idea to strike a conversation. and so i was asking all around to people almost same age with me to go also, bloggers too.. and ended up they all also got all frustrated*winks aaron*and bla bla bla. we decided not to go and i had not chance to inform Bernard. and i just know that he went online at Starbucks today! shit! did anyone go Bernard? sorry la~

*okok~finish emo-ing*

instead we went to my Yi Po(my grandmother's sister)house to do our last visitation for the last day of Chinese New Year. and gosh! another kaching into my account! a big nice bright RM10!

and how i wish i could type $usd10! lolx... and it was my first time meeting the new member of the house! named Puppy! awwwwhh~~so cute and no! it is not a human! lolx~ my Yi Po is also a superb animal lover like me. she once had 3 ferocious looking but tame dogs and 2 stupid looking praire cats. all under one roof and you would never find any piece of catballs flying around cause the dogs don't hate cats! what turf right?! so cute!
and Puppy is like German Shepard but praire*definitely*looking dog. she is so cute and i was so awe by her that i nearly let her ate my big and bright and nice and last me 3 days punya RM10! lolx~ cause she kept nibbling on my red packet and i was not one at a position to let her do that so she was like yanking it! huhuhu...

later on, we went to Bukit Menjalara for a swim. yea! how cool my mum is today! for Taman Cheras Jaya, she went all the way up to Kepong just to fulfill my desires for swimming!*revert!!*she wanted to swim so much ok and it is not me! i was just accompanying her. lol~
and yea! we went to De'Pastry for lunch! i love that freaking place! it is so darn tip classy and the food there is like the best and at great price too.. affordable because the food comes in large portion. and yes, no pictures of it because i was too hungry to do so. what turf~ lolx~

since imma like emo-ing to want to go back to college, so imma going blog a bit about my first week in college. so damn havoc! what turf~ and let's start with my student id card cause i think that is the on thing that made me feel like 'i dont want college!'.

guessed that it is wrong choice to post it here cause i look so stupid!
and i realized how small my face looks like in this picture! the reason is~~ i think my face is too big and they have to lengthen it to make it fit into that small box! what turf~ cause i look like i got long face here but in reality...

see!!!! how round and chubby my face is!! i meant FAT! not CHUBBY. haix~ how good if i got that face feature in my id card...
and so..
my first day of the orientation, i was still stuck to my school mates so tight that we even meet up at the station to go together although all also got car but we can't all fit into it and i was the only girl.. so.. lol~
so, we have to take the ktm in order to reach early! but hey, lookk, the ktm is so full of people that we can't even set foot on to the platform! what turf right! so many people from KTM Serdang wants to go to KL Sentral and to work. we was even out early 3 hours. i remember the orientation starts at 10 a.m but we reach around 10.45 a.m.

and i was the only one stuck at E-Commerce and Marketing and remembered that i say i stick to my friends like crazy! even they want to go to the loo, i make sure i followed them and waited for them outside! cause college is so BIG and so DIFFERENT. and the people there are DIFFERENT too.
i was late for like 45 minutes and i thought the 'hall' that i was suppose to go to are like classrooms whereby if you open the door ajar, everyone would be staring at you with those horrifying looks as if you had shit at your face. so i hesitated another 15 minutes whether should i or should i not walked*to don't know where*and find for the hall and enter or... should i just skipped that orientation for the day and wait for my friends for the day!?
then i realized that that was stupid after all the pushing and tugging in the stupid fully filled ktm. so i bucked up and fumbled my way through the big college and thank god i found it. and i hesitated for 5 minutes again whether should i go in or not? cause i don't know 'hall''s situation... maybe it sounds big but very few people in there and still i get the 'i-had-shit-on-my-face' look..
so i ended up peeking and i couldn't see a thing and i thought what the heck! this isn't me! this peeking shit is not for Victoria and i just ajared the door and saw my ex-school mate there!!!^^

i was so shocked and surprised and happy at the same time and you should have seen me! i was on the verge of crying! and i was more the happy when i saw leng zhais sitting beside my senior! lol what turf!!!xp and i got to know them of course and they read my blog! lol~
ok~that was my first day of stupidity at college and it was nothing actually, they did some voting thing like how we used to had for the first day of secondary, class rep, treasurer and all those.

the next day was the id card making day and thin time around i came alone cause i hate being late and my guy friends are super duper slow coach!

this stupid thing is so bloody troublesome i tell you and this is not even a nice id card too! i have seen even nicer ones! even our senior school has a nicer printed id! what turf! and we got this..=-=
in their paper for us to prepare how much of photos we need to bring says that only 4 is needed.. si i washed 4 photos out lu right?
on that day itself, suppose to start at 9 but i was there at 8. an hour early! yea!
and so i thought it was way too early and no point i go there first. so sat and waited at the canteen. like crazy people sitting there nothing to do. but i saw Vivian!! so cheers! go company!

so we went and did that stupid thing together.
and ohmygosh!!! i could have swore but i would not.. i should have go straight to the place and waited at 8 because when we were there, the line was so long it could have been compared to the Great Wall of China!*exageration*
and it was a bloody hot day too and a bloody long line in waiting.
and when we were in there and the process is slow!!!
we have to wait for don't know how many hours to get our cards and that also we need to queue in a super long line again! haix~

*ok i don't feel like rambling anymore*
for those that are planning to go to TARC. please prepare all your documents and triple check before going to college.


YL said...

i would like to see what Bern says. xD haha!

Bernard Chung said...

Let me think on how should I replied

Victoria said...

whaadddaaa~~ lol

TheJessicat said...



Victoria said...

@Jess! pity me pls! i have to live with tht shit thing for four years@@*pengsaned*

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