Monday, February 9, 2009

'I Found 10 Cents'

since i was young right up till now, i had been very very bad at counting monies or with anything to do with numbers. i just hated numbers so much that i have never A's any of my Mathematic since standard 4 right up till form 5 and that includes my Additional Mathematics.
due to that, i had chosen a pure science stream class so that i could avoid Accountings. loads of numbers. make me faint and die. and i was much more interested in science anyway. but my SPM results were damn sucky ANNYYYWAAYYY~

and so, to those that really know me well, whenever i buy stuffs, eg, it's RM1.60 and i used RM5 to pay for it, they would surely ask me in advance how much would i get back in return. *am fumbling to count now @@* so what the heck, i would just say don't know and pay for it. and they would help me check whether had i been cheated or what. i know that this is damn paiseh but.. haix~ what to do la~ really can't be helped!
and sometimes i would never ever buy anything if my bestties aren't around me to help me to check the right amounts. in a way, this helps me safe up a lot cause i go out myself a lot and yes, me super loner. and weird. i love movie-ing in the cinema, sitting there alone while others have bfs or friends.
this just make me feel good to be alone and all.

i don't know whether is it just me or i had a rather bad family background, i take money matter seriously, not the counting parts but things like, if i want to buy something more than RM30(lets say), i would think more than ten times whether i should get it or not...what if i get it now and pay off that money and i will have a deficit of RM30, and when the next month comes and something pop up and it is imergency and i need that money, but i cant pay cause i had used it onto something that now i feel useless!
see la~i got this super super awkward thinking one. that's why some friends(i know la)they fed up with me everytime they asked me out. cause i will spoil sport! what turf. i have to count my financial status mur...T-T

Have you ever came across situations like at that very moment you saw something that you really really want to own and you THOUGHT that it was an important item/things that you super love till you will die if you don't own it, and so you bought it eventhough it burns a hole in your pocket. then one week later, when you pick up that thing and stare at it, you will start to monolog and realized that you don't really like that thing anymore, it is not so 'I-MUST-HAVE' thing anymore and you regret! yes~ R-E-G-R-E-T. and no turning back.
well, i had been into that situation for don't know how many umpteen times that now whenever i want to buy something, all this situation starts to hit me with a pang and hinders me from buying it.

the irony of it is, if you don't buy it, when you reached home, you will be cursing like mad and hitting thy head and swearing like never before about the decision that you made. and at that moment you said, you will go back the next day and this time you make sure you had it in your hands.
when the next day comes, the thing that you like has sold out. what turf!!! yet another regret! yes, R-E-G-R-E-T. and no turning back.
and my mum said i damn money minded today. what turf!

i too has this another bad character(a lot la), whenever i see even it is a 10 cents coin on the floor, i would immediately bend down and pick it up and i will be all chirped up for the whole entire day. and not only that, me seeing money on the floor makes me think that i am super lucky today*pfft 10 cents also happy*and i would keep looking unto the grounds where i walk, all the time keeping strong faith that i would find something better this time. maybe RM1??! lol~yea what turf right?! i am this damn money minded. and super naive.*my cousin brother said and he reads my blog!!ppfft what turf knnccbb*

and and and and~ i don't know anyone has got this kind of feeling like me or not la.. but for me, in my purse, there must be no less than RM50, orelse, i would not even go out of the house eventhough you tell me that there is a big mega mega sale at some mall. i won't even budged.
i just feel super super insecured if i dont have minimum RM50 with me, then i would think things like, would i be able to reach home with the monies that i had left*left RM 30 also i act this way*, what if half way i have had not enough money or suddenly i need to buy something really really important like phone credit*phone must have credit 365 a year* and then i cannot reach home.. how??
stupid?? yea i know~ cause i take public transport like everyday and i very hate walk back so i would rather pay more for taxis. ok~somethings of my importants i would not stinge la~
and and and~ my purse must have minumum RM50 eventhough after my shopping. ngehehe~ so you all can practically guess how much i bring everytime i go out right? and and and, i shop like crazy one.. serious. i opt cheap stuffs but cheap equals buy more right?

p/s: this is my own money matter crisis. dont worry if you don't get it.
p/s: that is why i also need a bf! wakau!! lol~


jasonmighty said...

You think too much :)

But hey, so am I...haha...I spend very wisely...but nowadays, I am more relax about my spending.

Regret...yeah...I regretted buying some stuff. But time can be earned back anyway. Why bother thinking so much then? It won't make any difference.

Victoria said...

yeaa~my mum always say i think too much and always think that i cant do something before i even began.

woo..i regret at lotsa things i bought and it is very expensive but i try to make full use out of it now.
thx fer reading.

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