Wednesday, February 4, 2009

I Ate Rubbish

seriously, holidays do me no good and i enjoed it 50/50 actually and not fully 100%.
the first 50% reason would always be~
1) no super duper morning classes and so i don't have to wake up super early and rushes like mad. and be scare to death when the stupid LRT says 'semua penumpang sila beri perhatian, train akan bergerak dengan lebih lambat. harap maaf.'
seriously, i really cant give face to Malaysia's transportation! always need maintainance and they love doing it during peak hours! what turf!

2) i don't have to buff my pretty face with books and homeworks early in the morning at the college's canteen,trying all my utmost best to finish up all the homeworks, assignments that i ignored the night before because i HAVE to go Innit! lolx~what turf people! just joking! in fact, i enjoyed being part of Nuffnang so much that i have the urge to carry my lappie around so that i could be Innit-ing like 24/7. but cannot la~not all places got Wifi. got Wii to teman me only lur~

3) this is the best part of my holiday. i sit in front of the computer all day long! and guess what i did?! who can get this will get angpous from me!!*fat chance*
i am sitting so long here and so close to the lappie that i could get married with it already.*so suave*okok~prolly not that but if i were abit tit bit more beautiful, prolly i would have my own wikipedia already!! ngehehehe~ what turf la you're talking Victoria!*slapsself*

4) i have all the house by myself and yet i still could not figure out whether that is an enjoyment or that is me being all lonely and pathetic with no one to ask me out!! ngeheheheh~*hinthint*
because besides warming up the chair woth my butt, i have to do house chores eh! eh eh eh~not only girls need to stay at home and do all this ok~ in fact, EVERYONE in the household should contribute.

ok~take all the 4 thing and divide with the 50% of my enjoyment la. and now here is my 50% of sad case.
1) staying at house, no college, alone, which means i have no one to talk to would eventually make me deaf. deaf!! you got me! hellloo~ok luckily not deaf yet!
haix~people that noe me would know that Victoria can die if you asked her to shuddup for one whole day!
so poor mum, when she is back, i'l shoot her and talking non stop for just about anything and some times she got so irritated that she just ignored me! what turf!

2) staying at house very very no good because!!! mummy always store loads of food in the house and has this dilemma that she doesn't feed her child well! what turf! she feeds me way too well la! but still all she stores are mostly what i refer to as junk food. things like biscuits and all and plusing the cookies that we make for CNY! so hell a lot left weh! and m so tempted! what turf! and so i eat rubbish at house for meals and that is so unhealthy!!!

i had this for LUNCH! lol what turf right?!

my all time fav! see all the choco and the walnut!so yummy but so FAT! T.T

want to have one??nah nah give you la~wait!
*pops into mouth*
NO MORE!! lolx~

seriously. i don't really like holidays. people read this please slap the hell outta me! ngeheheh~everyone is like ' i want long holidays!!' and here am whining that i hate it and how i wanted to be outta house.
well, that prolly sums up how humans are right??
always so dejavu and life's full of cliche!!

anyway, one's rubbish is another's treasure right?
here, holidays are rubbish to me and so i throw it out now*piak* so come and grab all you want la!! lol what turf! grab all your life also you cant get la!

p/s: i LOVE and ADORE holidays!!
p/p/s: but then again, im great at being a liar!


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