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Poupee Girls : Your Fashion Dictionary

i found this nice and interesting girly game from a blogger's blog and yes~ it is

remember the times when we were younger and we played dress up dolls and we pretend to be their mummy and give them food, drinks, love and all those things... and you miss playing with all those and you're to shy to do it now that you're at a riping age of ...
well, now you could do and play it without feeling ashamed of it at POUPEE GIRL.

and this is my poupee girl's room and yes, i named her Voxy*duh*
i was like poupee-ing all this while and you must be wondering what the heck is that...
"Poupee" means "doll" in French. Inside Poupee girl, the character that you made for yourself is a "poupee".

some of the poupee girls and yes, you could change what ever you don't like from their hair to the eyes to their skin color, hair color, hair length, eye color... you could change everything except for the gender. must be girl caus this is a girl thang~
*guys can play also cause you are not allow to show your real face one*
*winks to guys*

In poupee world, they uses Ribbons as their currency like as in Malaysia uses RM and paper monies.
With ribbons, you can buy poupee items at the “Poupee market” or at “Katharine Shop". You can also change the color of your Poupee’s skin and hair with ribbons. amount of "Ribbons" you have now is displayed at the top right of MYHOME. Also you can check how many ribbons you have now at your page.

yes~it is a Japan product of game. and that is why we have some page that are in Japanese. for those that knows a lil basic of Japanese, feel free to use the Japanese page but mostly all in English, so cheers~
*guys~ i know you're tempted*

you can use all those ribbons that you earned by taking snapshots, uploading pictures of your kawaii/ in their case, they use the word suteki stuffs and you will earned a gift and lotsa ribbons. that is how you earned ribbons(monies) in poupee world.

you can snap shot a lot of time a day but then they would only save your newest and latest snapshot in a day. snapshot also earn you ribbons and i think it is 10 ribbons. kachinggy~
and your snapshots would be buttoned like you see and you could go to your My Home and click it and see your snapshots.
how cool!!

when you have uploaded your real life stuffs, they would post your stuffs to the board for every one to vote which and what is kawaii and nice to them and then they will store your suteki history at Cute History.

the yellow box is the Suteki button. when you're browsing through and sees stuffs you like then you just Suteki it and it will rank. like beauty pageant la~

and that red box is the place to click to see who Suteki you and your things.

and they have their community too~ like when we play Maple Story, we would stop in between towns right? or like as in Pet Society in Facebook, we click*forgot*a button then it will bring us to the town right? where they have their stadium and all. and so Poupee world has the same things too but~~ it is in Japanese. so for those that don't read Japanese, you have to memorize which place is which~ but then again, at the side, they have written in English..

haiah!!! to small but not to worry~ still can see right??
ok~saw the brown color side? there, is the english things for you non Nihon-go readers.and each of them got their names and selling or exhibiting their specialitites.

and i am too lazy to explain all, so~ go to their Poupee Police to read it all!
all in all~it is a very easy game to play and espeacially for those that loves to camwhore, your camwhoring skills would definitely earned you easy ribbons and to dress up your dolls like divas. or dress them up like fashion that you never dare to wear yourself.
they too have contest like quizes, beauty contest*duh* and oh~~ il show you oone last picture of they shopping list~ they things you will damn dig one~ girls la~

choose from what ever range! the pictures are small~ so you all go check out Poupee Latest Item

have fun girls annnddd GUYSSS~ serious la~guys also can play~ if you dig clothings and dress up and all but too shy to do in public or even at your own home~ just give it a try ok~? if you don't understand it, here, i am always here.

p/s: thankx bebe for letting me know this cute kawaii girly game.

p/p/s: my own Poupee is at the right side of my blog here.


Anonymous said...

can use this to make an Avatar =)

Victoria said...

tolanic:yea!! cool!!nitex!

YL said...

it looks damn nice lar xD

Victoria said...

@yi ling:it is gurl! go try it!! go click on teh links and start from there...
you wud get a hard times at first cx don know where to start but you will get hold of it real fast and it is damn fun!

all thankx to bebe!!go visit her blog! her blog damn cute! said...

hee~ i just signed up!
it's so adorable

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