Tuesday, February 24, 2009

A Short Do-oh~

just a short update for my loyal readers. there wouldn't be any super long post from me till the end of this week cause there is seriously nothing much to post about working life. well, actually there is but i will bored you to death with all the talkings that i only know~

first of all, i am sick and tired of calling to those rude Aussie and so i always pretend calling and then hang up when someone picks it up, just to get on to their nerves. sue me! wek wek... and all the time i will try to look as busy as possible till Malaysians timing to start work so that i could entertain Malaysians.

secondly, they revamp and rechange the whole entire calling floor centre and got us to work my arse even when i don't help mopping at home! what turf lo~ and did o say they change my nice comfy got loads of nice but yet cooling air cond, can see hansamu, can talk and not be spotted to some place that are of all the opposite!! arrggh!! what turffff~~and i nearly faint leh like seriously~and i did not care about the no messaging policy and i messaged the whole day cause i protest! they took my nice sit away~

third and lastly, the philo guy is gay! @@ and he wants my friend @@x100.
'now im speechless over the edge in just breathless, never thought i'd meet someone so gay like him~'


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