Sunday, February 15, 2009

My 1st Outing With The NN Bloggers!

at last the day finally arrived and don't you all think that it ended too soon... lol. let's do another outing with better planning and let's explore other places except for malls. it would be fun-ner ey'?

we(angel, jackie and me)were at Mid Valley way way early that the time that we had set on due to some unforseen circumstances.
so while waiting for them..

Jess, looks familiar right? wayyy too familiar! lol

yea, we went to Starbucks to pass time and also to wait up for them. and i don't drink coffee, so while they were sipping or rather sucking up their Caramel Frappe and Choco Chip Frappe(i don't know the name), i was camwhoring. and i cut my hair one day before today. cheerios!

nice?? i cut my one side long short hair and i trimmed my fringe and shorten my back hair.

when they all finally arrived, Zhao (a.k.a Czhthedude) said that he was friggin hungry so we headed to...

CHILLIS, and i did not know how to spell it! what turf!

and the food here are kinda expensive for me. and not really what i fancied(sorry Zhao)but i just followed the crowd cause i was not in the mood of eating too... so me and angel shared..

me and Angel

Spaghetti Chicken
*please, i beg you... DO NOT ORDER THIS..*

it end up like this...

cause it's so tasteless and not nice after all the hustling that Angel gave to the manager! lol what turf lo~ shall not disclose it unless she asked me to. xD

Zhao's Lamb Shank.

and in case you don't know who is Zhao...

there, the dude himself with his precious DSLR.

and i don't know what is this called but was ordered by Jeffrey, Jackie and KaiChi.
*thats beef patty T-T*


Kai Chi

Jeffrey(on the left)

and this was on the house, cause they asked us to change and give up our table to a bigger group.
what turf what turf what turf... and our guy dudes have to stick to each other to eat.

so after satisfying our tummy, we do what bloggers or other people would do, and that is camwhoring!!! wee.. so feast your eyes on candid pictures cause you ain't going to see it again.

*candid one, Zhao*

*candid 2, zhao*
he is so quiet lo ohmigosh! and i did not really got that chance to talk to him and get to know him more like the others and he went back earlier. next time outing, i camwhore with you ok? cheerios..

*yours truly candid*

*Jackie's 1st candid*

*Candid 2*

*Jeffrey's candid*
eh this is not candid lo ok Jeff, this is called smilling and the guys beside looks like he had seen the light! lol what turf..

*Kai Chi's candid*
'i'm gay...erhhmmm~~'
*he said this*

and our bill came up to...

@@ T-T

and here are our pros doing the maths

and found out that even tax itself cost us RM24.00. what turf!!!

all the bloggers that came, photos taken at Chillis.
(from left to right) Su Ann(super friendly), Jackie(super blur), Angel(super hyper), yours truly, Zhao(super quiet), Jeffrey(super cute), Kai Chi(squeezes Lemon)lol what turf, Aaron(super hot).

then we got separated into two groups.
since there is no place for bowling, what turf what turf, we went to play Pool and Foosball instead.

the pros of Pool-ing.

the Foosball pros.

and WE, the camwhore pros!!! lol what turf!! lolx! xP

then we got really bored cause 1) we don't want to go back yet 2)too late for movies. so we went over to The Gardens and you know that they got this comfy sofa sits at the reception center, we hung out there and we talked.. lol what turf~ and we rate passerby some more! damn chio lo this group of people.
on the way there~~

the emo Jeffro! lol what turf~

then i got attracted to the wall fountain.

me and Jeffrey*he got dimple!aww*

me bored.. whilst, i don't even know what they were talking about. lol

the couch is so so so so COMFORTABLE.. but we aren't allow to sleep there! what turf~

then we played 'Rate People', talked about 'Boob's Sizes'.. i know~ what turf right??!!

overall, today was a great day and i really really enjoyed my first time*virgin*NN outings with this amazing bloggers and i am really really looking forward to the next one and hoping that there would be more bloggers that i usually chat too in Innit could come..

and i am really exited to see Jess Jie too*hugs*

p/s: the better and clearer pictures are contributions of Jeffrey and the blurred ones are from my lauya phone.


Mr Awesome said...

damn that super hot... not guy but belt. Lol.

littlecicak said...

That's surely a nice gathering. If I was not too wasted, I would have join too. Haha, sorry Vic.

永遇乐 said...

Rate people by boob's size?
How? Haha

panda said...

yer...they so cheapskate meh...let u guys have the chips for free one? it's bottomless wan wor...and u dun have to pay for each refill...tsk tsk tsk

Jeffro said...

Hahaha.. Cool Cool.. Do remember to change the spelling of my name ya.. Jeffrey or Jeffro(nick).. Told Angel that, but no changes there.. LOL

Btw, I totally sux at my own candid, unless taken without me knowing.. =P

Nways, Thx for the gathering.. Wootza! =P HAD A FREAGGIN AWESOME TIME!


k@i-cHi said...

lol...the chips are free for everyone that eats in chillis wan la....its not in the house..

Voxy said...

@Mr.Awesome Aaron:
lol~i did not say that the belt itself only was hot.. i intro u as SUPER sorry arh that day did not talk much to you cx i wasnt emo or anything la but tired and was sleepy. then they all talked crap! what turf.

@Little Cicak:
nvrm dude, try come for the next one yea^^ and don't drink the night before the next outing! lol! xP

@The guy with the chinese name:
hey thanks fer reading my blog but since im a born banana so i don't know whats ur name...
that boobs size thing you have to ask KaiChi lo cx he is the experts in NOTHING, BARELY THERE & COMMON!

hey, i aso dono know now whether that was on the house or it is free for all! lol~cx thats my first time to chillis and i kinda heard that guy said 'On Me'...
even their refill and change of water also don't need to pay extra right??

hey hey!super cute dude! lol.. i changed the name ard and sorry cx i dono.
yea yea, next time we go Karaoke-ing session! lol~ then we ask angel to sing and dance! lol

yea meh?u sure or not?cause i think i heard him saying 'On Me' wor.. and on the receipt it was cut out from charging mah~
got free lunch wan meh?
after Angel pestered him so much! what turf lo~lol


Josh said...

Jess jie? You got see her meh? Don't lie~~~~ XD

Voxy said...

T-T i did not say i see her wor, just that everytime i go starbucks now, im reminded of jie! lol

鸿鹏 said...

wow...not bad..
can see tat u all have enjoyed the gathering ^^
hahaha...Nice Gathering! xD

.:JoY:. said...

It's you guys!! I met you in Midvalley that day. Lol with Aaron and SuAnn =.=

KTSA said...

hi, victoria! super friendly only? cheh. haha.

Voxy said...

@HP:yea we really did and not forgetting what we talked!! Lol~

hey Joy, ur SuAmm's friend right??the long nice and straight hair gurl! i din talk to u leh~alarhs~~

super hyper, super thin, super cute, super pretty, super friendly, super FRIENDLY.*i repeated that din i?* LOLMAO!
doesn't friendly says it all??*winks**hugs*

AngelKein♥ said...

what sing and dance?

JEFF ny kan.

sirei said...

damn, i checked my blog's cbox too late.
angel told me to view your post on the gathering info, but i was lazy that time, so i check it out later and it was too late.

nice gathering~ u had a lot of fun!
good for u :)

Patricia. said...

mahhh. I didn't attend the outing MAHHH.

Voxy said...

ure going to sing and dance cx i heard u singing that day and was actually nice!^^
*high5 Jeffro*

nevermind, there always the second time!^^

meh...nevermind another time mehh~~LOL

~ ♥ J E SS I C A . T said...

looks like fun! xoxo
vox mui, jie coming soon! very very soon!!!

*huggies dry pampers*

Voxy said...

yea it was Jie, but haiah, i masuk masuk StarBark ny i remember u!!! lol yea!!!

fuah!!!chee cheong kaaaeii!! we TWINnies gna come and molest you upside down!!!! fuah fuahahaha!!!
*huggies baby comfort!*

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