Thursday, February 5, 2009

Overexposed Till Bleed

Rihanna is coming to KL within days and so i think the Rihanna fever is on right? like how the Avril fever was on too and the big whole news and issues. anyway, they say she is too/overly sexy to be here, Malaysia(a place where being sexy is illegal), so lets indulge in sexy and exposed pictures of her and drool guys~

too cat woman? too sexy? overly exposed?

i think they will nosebleed profusely when sees this. stop pretending so holy shits la!~

i think she looks the mucha sexy here and this sure raise their orgasms!
what turf~

she is the trend of today people! so back off.

sexyness has always been part and parcel of Rihanna and how she shot up to stardom board within such short period of time would always be the reasoning of her being so talented in being sexy. geddit? sexy = rihanna.
same goes as stupid = Mr. B
and yes, Rihanna is coming and no i am not retarded to just know now. and like i said before, i cant go see her perform! what turf! her tickets are way too over for my budget leh~ so people*hinthint*...

after seeing her so much in skins and not in cloths, i think it would be good too if i werent at the concert. i just cant bear seeing her all covered up and a head scarf prolly? what turf cause her hair is like too damn chio ma and in Malaysia having chio hair is salah di sisi undang undang. i would very rather much love to have her in my mind to always be that sexy chicka that i admire. yes, big fan of Rihanna is mu'ah. and i had been so longing her to come here and perform and too bad i was born in the wrong country la kan? and i couldnt even ditch my la, kan, ma, ba and all those Malaysia lingo. We are Malaysians maaa~ what turf!

i saw someone's blog yesterday that we can win free tickets to her concert this 13th Feb 2009 but i dont want to post it here cause people did that already so you all just have to search for it. the competition requires you to imitate Rihanna!! oh! how cool is that! and i saw a lot of people imitate her hits single 'Umbrella'. and sadly to say, out of the ratio of 10, 7 ratio of them are really a disgrace and they looked like they are mocking Rihanna rather than imitating her! what turf! but some did it very well and some were so funny that i actually enjoyed watching it and i kinda replayed it! lolx~

see this pathetic Malaysians Islamic Party~ haix~havoc ny~

Rihanna ignites with Xpax concert LIVE in Kuala Lumpur would be on the 13th February 2009 which is a Friday starting at 8.30pm. all this would take place Stadium Putra, Bukit Jalil*so near me only*. and her tickets price would be raging from RM328, RM288, RM158 and RM128. they are really selling like hot cakes so hurry and grab while her tickets are still there. and please, if you had planed to go there and have a blast, don't buy tickets worth RM128 la yea because if you do then i will advised you to better keep the moola and wait for people to upload at Youtube la yea.. cause you wouldnt see anything, prolly a speck of her and all you hear is her singing.


Harmony said...

You can't see that in the concerts for sure.

Voxy said...

harmony:ahahaha~yealo!for sure! hey thankx for always viewing and commenting yea~really appreciate it

renaye said...

hmm.. i thought her performance is mmuch more important than her risque.

Voxy said...


Chris Thoo said...

where got nosebleeed laaa...
boleh tahan..:D

Voxy said...

Chris:ahahahah~cx agnes jie jie the hotest! wee wang wang~~hahaha

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