Wednesday, February 4, 2009

My Turn To Do This Time!

i am not sure whether is it this time of the year that everyone pms-es or is it just me but on every blog that i read has ramblings and rantings. i actually had a lot to ramble and rant and i can do that like uber bitchly but hell no*control chio*! now this is where i will start my ramblings and rantings and if you don't want to hear anything/see your name here, i suggest that you click the X on the top right hand above. chiow and bye!

now for those that are still here and wants to see how Victoria bitches everything out will have a small gift below. yea~reading my rantings and beholding them would eventually get gift. nope, not angpau give away. i don't copy what people do. am not a doggie and so i don't need any owner and i do what a preach so fark off and know me before talk bad about me. don't think that you are so dang good!
*ramblings begun*

first off all, i would like to dedicate this piece of shits to a friend of mine that i finally can't stand what is she doing to me and like to the rest of the world! what turf la but i have suddenly this urge to post her fucking bitchy face her!*tahan victoria*
but not going to do it la since she has fcuking face so i don't want you all to puke.
why is it that everytime YOU wanted an outing, a gathering, YOU will push all the planings to me? why?? do i look like a maid to YOU! what turf weh! bloody hell!
if YOU so want the outing to be as happening as i am, don't say no because that is all the reason you wanted me to do it right?! and i heard YOU said and polished my shoes with it before so no denials! if you are not happening and YOU don't know how to plan stuffs, then just sit at home quietly and wait for people to invite you for outings la... and if people don't then don't start bitching around why people don't call YOU out. if YOU still want to know, YOU're fcuking ugly and thats why! what turf!
now the guy came and say why i spoil sport! damn! what turf lo YOU bitch! YOU bloody lazy to organized then now blame me. and who the heck say i want to go sing k? who the heck say i want to go to Pudu? who the heck say i want to go for movies la?? what turf! don't simply put words into my mouth weh! i put 'carrots' and 'cucumbers' into your mouth for you to 'munch' then you know!
*space and breathe Victoria*
heck, the point is, I am not going and no one is going to make me do it! sent me Prince Charles to beg on his knees also i will kick him away! what turf! spoil my mood for the day!

i just don't get it! why is there so many girls acting so damn not chio leh? bitchy to put it into English. and why must all of them be someone that i know? why??? i am not that bitchy also what!? why la god?!
and i cant stand one of the girl in my church lur~ damn annoying!
he doesn't want to have a beef of you and you already know it so back off la sayang! why is it that i have to be your scapegoat? not really scapegoat la, id' rather put it as messenger.
what turf!
and i don't know your admirer so well so what do you always assume that i am talking with him/chatting with him and messaging with him! and i am not doing any of those sorts! and how the hell i know whether what time he goes online and all??! stop asking already weh! i damn annoyed and nausea whenever i see your message at my phone weh!
do you know that everytime i sees your message, i am so ever tempted to throw/just buried my beautiful phone to the ground! and i cant possibly do that right because i would absolutely asked you for a new one and burn a hole in your pocket! so back off bitch! i have got nothing to do with him and your bloody annoying-ness is the main thing that drives him away.

and by the way! the issue of when i started having bf, how many bfs i had and whether i am still having a boo now is really a nanya ok! who is you to ask weh? so what i have bf now? so what i have 2-5 bf now? if so, you'd think i give one to you?!? heck, give also not to you la deary!*slaps you* Please wake up! and being a girl, dont so pathetic la ok~

and this is to those that has my msn.
whenever you see me put busy, please, if nothing important or you had a itchy rat ass, don't come and scratch it at my msn ok! scratch it some where else! and you know what i hate most, like uberly fuckingly hate*i have to curse now*is that you nudge me! damn fcuky weh! don't nudge can or not?! you will not only make my line lag, although it has been lagging before this and you made it lag-ger, you also bloody make my ears pain weh! and the whole house will hear you stupid nudging! and then mum will start to ask who is that and all those shits! so stop nudging me! i hate it and i WILL DEFINITELY BLOCK you, and oh~ i just did! so what turf! i dont give a bloody itchy rat ass scratch here, i just don't provide that kinda service here. i provide 'legal' service!

please be a bit more smart and there is nothing wrong in being a smarty pants. whenever you msn me or you nudge more than once and i still dont reply you, get into the fucking hard skull now, i MEANT to do that and i MEANT to ignore you! so don't go nudge your bloody way into my cbox! i just hate that so much that i can write a freaking essay about this. damn friggin annoying isn't enough to gather everything into it. and please don't be rude to me! il bitch slap those that does that to me. if i ignore your lame jokes once and that means it is enough. and if you still don't get it and still goes on with it, you're so dead!!! swangzhi shibaru!!
see la, my korean also blargh out already! shit la all this people today!
thankx you all for making my day!! swangzhi ss~

*arrgghhh~feels more relieve*

and now here is the gift! wakau! and it is candid pictures of me. took them after being so mad at peoples today and like i said, is candid so you all are ALLOWED to comment bad things about it and il be so ever sporting to see bad comments.

#1st candid (grayscaled)

#2nd candid (damn angry lo)

#candid 3

#candid 4

# candid 5(if i were a boy)

please enjoy the ramblings and pretend that you know what i was saying ok cause i know only being me will you understand. and for those that terasa, remember this 'siapa makan cili, diala yang terasa pedas' *BM As*
and please write bad about my candid but i quite like candid 3 leh, like so cute! what turf! self proclaim. ngeehehe~
i had actually promised myself to study harder next semester and that was what i said and promised the sem before and also the sem before but did not work out. but il make sure this time does because, i wanted to study away from KL and Malaysia so so very much but just don't have the moola and the path to start with.
and i learned what is internship from Benjicajess.
and so i have to scrap and path my own road and that is to put my ass to the hardcore life of 'sandpaper'(college, studies). just exactly like what Jess is doing.
anyway, gambateh Jessie deary and good lucks!

p/s: if i had offend anyone tru my ramblings and rantings, heckk! you'd think i'd say sorry?! think again!
p/p/s: can i have a dog mummy?!!!pretty please


Anonymous said...

hey vox..your pics look so cute (see i posting this at Comment and not Cbox)hehehe xD

Victoria said...

tolanic:ahahahah~thankx thankx~and u shud do ur commenting here mur~

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