Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Now I Longed~

For holidays! what turf right! haix~

*blinkblinkblink* one month has come and go and all i did was sit around home and town and now is the only peak where i am actually working and working my arse off too~ cause 'usual' people goes to work and starts at 8.30a.m, so the 'unsual' people like mua'ah, starts at 7 a.m! and ends at 5p.m! please shoot me people!

aww~ i got a very good start relationship with the Phillipines people and if you all are already getting annoyed by me about them, that means that they are real nice and dearies~ cause i stereotype people a lot~hor bern hor~ hor eve hor~ *sulks*
that what they say la~ but i am not~

back to the topic, is it possible that i go to college but i don't want to study and i only want to get my degree through playing as in sports??? *hopes* lol what turff~
i should have bloody pick Sports Science since i am lazy to study and do business and my mum is a sports freak so loads of guidance i could get from her and lastly I LOVE SPORTS! next to the love of me for MUSIC!
name me any sports, i would/should have been there and done that, not perfect maybe but i tried it all~all that are available in Malaysia that is~

i still love blogging people and am actually planning to do a long and nice and i-love-that-kind of blog some where around 18th March cause i want to make a one year remembrance of~~*jengjengjeng* please stay tune for that wokey?
and i camwhore less this days cause no partner in crime for me to make crime and to camwhore in office would make me so unprofessional and downgrade meself! lol but i see my guy friends camwhore there during working hours! wakau~ eh got cctv la dudes!!*smacks them*
so for me to ward of the itchy-ness of camwhore~ i went to the loo and kautim it instead!! what turff~that sounds wrong! xp

taddaaahhh!!! yours truly in toilet!! lol what turff~~and i fringe grew longer edy! alarh~so fast weh~two weeks and *poof* its is not almost covering my eyes again~

and i want a tongue piercing!!! do you all think i should get it?? this have been lingering in my mind for months now~mummy say nothing so heck la~i go pierce, she wouldn't come and yank it off right?! lol~and so see my fantasy~disgusting one~so if you still want to have me sweet looking lingering in your mind, please don't scroll anymore~lol kthankxbye~

lol what turfff~i ciplak-ed

tadah!!! my tongue pierced!!! lol what turff~
disgusted sia~~


Unknown said...

LOL! u pierced!!!
but i know is not true :P

Victoria said...

what turh la hp~lol thankx fer reading and be the first to comment~im stalking ur blog now and am gna comment on 'his' blog~lol what turf

Jeffro said...

wat the.. piercing?? O_O *massage Voxy*

Hmmm i think that colleges should start of a degree on blogging.. subjects for it: blog management, blogitecture, blog engineering, applied blogging, blogging systems, techblog entrepreneurship, bloggership, etc..

Victoria said...

piercing is cool la dude~haha~at least thts what i thought so and interested in~

i will be the very first person to sign up for that course man! and work my arse off it and blog 10 timesperday! lol


Isaac Wong said...

eeee.... cam whore lang... haha.

Victoria said...

cicak::lol whats lang???lol~

Jeffro said...

Hahaha.. =D Piercing is not cool..
Make more holes on body, as if there isn't enough already.. *winks*

Victoria said...

@jeff:: lol what turf lo!! my body alot of holes meh???ahahaha
now that sounds...

dun misunderstood PEOPLE!!

*winks at jeff**massage*

xu.xu.moi said...

don't pierce tongue lar, nanti you makan then swallowed it.

stomach also not good ar, nanti people hit your stomach then stuck inside your body

Jeffro said...

Ooo.. i din say you have lotsa holes.. but now that you mentioned it.. Hmmm.. *thinks* Voxy~~ lol!

Pls be understanding PEOPLE!

*winks and hugs*


Victoria said...

@Sirei::ahahaha~maybe i wont?

@Jeffro::@@ fuah! what turf leh~ LOL~tht sound lagi the wrong!

Jeffro said...

hahaha.. well it'll only sound wrong, when ppl think of it wrongly.. then again, maybe it's wrong from the beginning.. i dunno.. xD

Victoria said...

@Jeffro! what turh are u talking about??ROFLMAO!

Jeffro said...

I have no idea WHAT-SO-FREAGGIN-EVER~~ lol xD

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