Friday, February 6, 2009

I Hate Bathing in The Morning.

i really really the fact that i have to take a bath very early in the morning. the water is so icy cold and needless to say, mornings are always cold, with it's rickety morning wind and oh... the stupid aircon that has been turned on all night long. and imagine! after all those, a MORNING BATH?! *chills down spine*

i always remember the scene of 'Morning call to Bathe' starring my mum and me when i was small. ok not that small because i know how to protest and all. ngehehe...
because school starts at 7.30 a.m and my mum would have to be out by 6.45 a.m cause shes no housewife la, she needs to take a big turn to drop me and my brother off and turn back down the road on her way to work. and all this prolly takes a whole around 10 minutes, with us bye-ing mummy non stop like we are never going to see her again*choi*, she having to look at us till we cross road safely whilst us bye-ing(how can that be safe la) lol.

yea~ so.. she would wake me up first because i very mo jie(slow coach), so she would let me use the toilet first. not that our house has that one single toilet, we got 3! but you know how sometimes some household will call that one single toilet as the main and so mummy don't need to wash 3 toilets and scrubs out water stains till goes cuckoo...(continue)
i wake up at 6a.m and i have to bath at 6! what turf right! that is like crazily early la kan and that is like the peak when the degree is at it's most high and mighty position! T.T
reluctantly, every morning same scenerio, i would wake up and then sit at the sofa refusing to step into the cold tiled floors.
then mummy would be so fcuked up and keeps scolding and scolding and threatens not to bring me to school. fyi:victoria super love going school last time and wander why now attitude changes*, and that will immediately made me spring up and brace the fuckingly cold water!
i will then come out like 2 minutes. yea, i mandi kerbau one in the morning and am not ashamed to say.

till now also i mandi kerbau one. i meant if i have to bathe as early as that wee mornings la!!
and my house got no water heater one so every time i stay overnight at people's house and *wah* they got water heater, i don't know how to use one. yes, i suaku~ SO!! lolx~

i remember that last time one of my malays friend asked me this question...
'orang cina tak mandi pagi kan? kenapa a?'
wakau! i was so fucked up angry that day weh! she make it sound like chinese people damn kotor like that and so i replied her...
'apanya! saya mandi apa! macam mana ko tau orang cina tak mandi pagi? ko pun tak mandi kan??'
and she paisehly just keep quiet!! ngeheheh~ what la~haix~peoples~
got mouth to talk bad about people but none to reflect what she herself is doing too~~

seriously, chinese people dont bathe in the morning meh? some of my chinese friends, the confessed.
but i take bath what although damn cold.


Anonymous said...

you need to have a hot shower...that is the best solution for your situation

Victoria said...

my house no heater~~ huhu

Samantha Chow said...

no need to shower in the morning! just make sure u shower after a long day out. hahaha

TheJessicat said...

WTF????? U TOO??


haahaha i dun bathe in the morning too!! not just morning, especially when i just woke up.

one solution : bathe right b4 u sleep at nite.
so that next morning is still clean n fresh!

Victoria said...

gosh gurl!! i tot u dun read my blog anymore!!! yea yea~sure bath wan when balik

jie!!! we high5!! we twins ma so same same la and i bathe at night aso!!
mum always say later catch cold but idk~~lol

Funkye said...

i nvr take bath in early morning unless had to... sooo cold even got heater.... but i dun smell weird oso le...dun nid take bath in morning lah! hahaa...

but i like gals who take bath in fragrant hahaha..

Sahniana said...

should bath in the morning,make u fresh..keep u clean..take off the sleepy2 from ur face..

Victoria said...

even though somtimes i dun take in the morning, i dun seem to have any foul smell, cx being at house, we dun sweat or emits any odour ,weird odour right!

so dejavu, maybe the gurls all put parfume leh??!!*winks*

hey first seeing u here darl,
but what u say is true, not mandi in the morning will result to being more sleepy weh~
maybe the cold cold water hit a pang on ur face and wake u up~~

AaronxLee said...

wahhhahahhaha. mandi also complain!
no need mandi la! hahaha! =]

Victoria said...

mr awesome:
i noe u super awesome so no matter how icy cold the water is you would still mandi and be awesome after tht right??lol~

my stupid windows!! letx ftw~~lol

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