Thursday, February 5, 2009

SPCA Urges

i feel so compeled to blog about SPCA. this is really a dear topic to me and i will tell you why later on.

to those that lives under a coconut shell like a frog,

SPCA is the short term for Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.
animals, they are just like us, they need have daily needs too just like us. they need water to quench thirst just like us under a hot scorching sun, they also need food and they hunt for it just like us, except that we work for it and purchase in exchange of money, they too need shelters just like us living under roofs and not on streets, they too needs loads of attentions and love just like humans and humans are not to meant to live alone. no one can live alone in this world.

animals are also creations of God. having limbs and feet and brains to think just like us. they too have feelings and they certainly knows and feels what you feel and do to it.
people nowadays are always on the calling to get dogs and cats and other pets from their parents and sweet talked their way into it and when they owned it, they do not appreciate it.


and this.
can you all now sit back and relax and think with a calm mind, what do you all feel looking at this 2 pictures, there are more but they too have their own dignity so i'm not going to post all out. if you have no feelings to what you are reading, then you are even worst and brainless then this creatures.
try to be in their shoes, what and how would you feel if one day you were like this animals? you have to sleep on the streets, eats and drinks from what is left on the floors(rubbish) and all this courtesy from irresponsible owners that bought them and threw them outta house when they are bored with them.

do you see pet as just a mere thing/creature for you to play with when you are bored and then dodge them aside when you have other agendas and only come back to them when you are free???
you see them as a companion, a family member. someone that will always be there for you, someone that always listens to you and never bitches back, someone that stays loyal to you when ever you two timed them, someone that always only had you in mind and what they want in return is just lil concern from you, prolly a kind act of gift for them or just a lil pat.

i could well say that mostly people is of the first choice.
and so SPCA is born!
SPCA is what i love to describe as a big homely home for animals that had been tortured, thrown out to the streets. SPCA is love to this animals.
please visit their site, SPCA, and give a little help if you could, be a volunteer, donate money to help them upkeep, or even better.. adopt an animal for free! but make sure you can take care of it real good. if not, this poor lil creatures would have to go back to SPCA.
and if you think Palestines are very cham, why dont you start seeing things that are also needing help and which is right in front of your eyes. start here and now.

call me an animal freak, call me an animal lover, call me what ever you want but please lend a helping hand to this innocent creatures. they had done nothing wrong right?
like i said, this is a dear post to me and am going to tell now.
when i was around 8 y.o, i remember myself always bending down just to pat any stray dogs and cats that i see. although they look damn filthy, i mind not at all. and i remember i had even carried a cat up from the drain and that cat followed me home. tail gated me all the way.
my mum don't really like pets. she says they are hard to take care and having us is way too much. what turf.=.= and my dad dont really mind.
and when my mum saw this cat at the front porch while i untied my shoes, she was in such a rage and asked where does this come from? and i was scare that i will get scoldings and i lied saying dont know, i was sitting here untying shoelace and now only i saw cat.
my mum dont even give a shit about my lie and she just used the water, cold one la and shooed the cat away. and i was on a protest with my mum for one whole month. i did not talk to her. i did not even respond to her.

yes, i very very naughty even when i was at such tender age. i protest one! very geng samo.

and another time was...
i stay on top on a hill and down hill has all this small restaurants and there mostly were chinese so plenty of stray dogs there.
so during colder days, when i was 8 Malaysia still got cold days, now seldom, this dogs would eventually take a hike up to our area. malay area. what turf.
and this days i love to sit just right at the front door, having my lunch after my school. and i just love it when i see dogs passing by my house and i would imitate woofs in order to attract their attention. usually they dont give a heck about me maybe i dont sound like them la, but finally there is this one black dog that perk up and went into my front porch, where i was sitting there eating lou shu fun*i still remember*.

and i feed the dog la! lolx~ what turf! i super crazy one. i gave the dog a whole bowl of it and i starved that afternoon. and the dog went away.
but it came back the next day and this continues for well around one month.
neighbour being malays finally got irritated and fuck her, she called the dog catchers! what turf lo~
i still remember that it was raining that day, heavily! and the dog was resting under a small hole that i made for him. and that was when the dog catcher came. yes! even on rainy days! what turf! this kinda of things then they so efficient!
and they cant enter my house.
so granny did not know that i made a 'home' for this creature cause i pretended that i hate that dog and all so that my mum would thought that i wasnt playing with it la.
and granny made me go out to the porch and use water to spray on the dog and shooed it into the hands of those evil farky malays! T.T

i still remember that i bid Blacky goodbye and kept saying sorry that i had to do this and that i loved and will always love him more than anything in this world and more than he ever feel about me. he had always got this nice watery dreamy eyes that i had always teared when ever i looked straight into.
i cried crazily that day and i refuse to speak to anyone for around 6 months, seriously! i spoke a bit la but no super direct convo. i was so bitter inside and hated myself.
now that i am 19 y.o, i still remember you Blacky! and i hope you are up there and i hope to meet you again! and yes, nothng could ever take your place and you are the first dog that i had. eventhough we had short days but my love for you is uncountable, undefined.

p/s: i cried while typing this. haix.
p/p/s: this is a ridicoulously long post, so sorry yea.
p/p/p/s: i am a super super dog lover.
p/p/p/p/s: please treat all animals as how you would want to be treated.
p/p/p/p/p/s:can anyone bring me for a visit to SPCA??


Funkye said...

yes i feel you. a meaningful post. im a dog lover too but i dn hav 1. dun cry liao.. *wipe tears

Voxy said...

*dry tears* thankx frank~haix~
i am also a super dog lover but i stay at malay area so cant have dogs around~what turf betul~haix~

nice meeting you frank~^^

Mr Awesome said...

voxy : i get what u mean. people like it at 1st. but when they get it, they dont take care properly.

im a helluva dog lover. <3

Voxy said...

oh ure so awesome being a hell dog lover! lol~*hugs* haix~i miss BLack~hm~

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