Monday, February 16, 2009

I Finally Got A Job!

cheerios for me! and don't give me the 'she need job so badly meh' look cause i really need a job badly and that few extra moola would bring me a great big journey.

my friend recommend it to me and so i went to the interview today. and i thought i could start straight! lol what turf, this is the brain of people who used to work as sales girl!! haha~

IDC at UOA building, 6th floor so any one wants to buy me lunch during lunch hour?! LOL~
what i do me try to explain it in a way you all understand..
i sit there, ni cubicles using earphones and computer the whole day, and all i do is play random call and any unlucky dude or dudettes who randomly got chosen by me to answer my friggin loads of question(survery) and there is only 2 possibilities to end the call..
1) i got fugly and irritated receiver who will end up rejecting me and not only that, serve me with random Hakka/Hokkien/Teochew/Mandarin/Bahasa Melayu/English words that you use when someone peed on your pants! LOL
2) the poor human have to bear with me for 20 minutes long to answer all the survery question and thank her after all that and shout in my own little heart 'Yes! an extra RM5!' LOL~but this is like 25% only la knowing the Malaysian attitude.

even for me myself, serve them '5 course meal' before what, before i got this job cause they call during odd hours and they are from other countries and that explains the odd working hour for me too.
and today i was kinda pissed of at the manager and mostly at friends also.
because, this friends of mine made it sound like i could start work immediately and all i need to do is fill up that friggin form. i was required to fill that up, yes, np with that la.. then we sat down for 10 minute light briefing and she asked me to GO HOME and come back on WEDNESDAY. all those after i had waited for them for one friggin hour! T-T
*shuddup, working world like that wan la*

the best thing is i took 3 FRIGGIN HOUR to reach home from town, Jalan Sultan Ismail. 3 hours man! i can reach Penang already lo!!!
tired to the max now, haix~going to nap.. cheerios people and chiow!

i miss my hair!!!

4 comments: said...

woot! congrats~
good luck on the job

Victoria said...

thanks Sirei!!

YL said...

congrats on getting your job (:

Victoria said...

thankx babe! like finally weh! lol

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