Saturday, February 7, 2009


surely you all would be like what the heck is with the title right! ngehehe~ but recently, i had finally found my 'long lost twin'!*cheers* and she is right here right now and i met her at Innit cbox. and so this is OUR post... BENJICAJESS & VOXY's post.
and there would be fuckloads of pictures of us that i put together for you all to see the resemblance.

Picture #1.
(see the same smile)

and not only that Jess, when i was browsing through Jess's pictures and mine, i found one picture that we took are of the same and i can be so sure that we have not known each other yet. cause i wasn't even Innit-ing yet at that time.

(seee!!!!!!! we took pictures with the sunlight behind us! and the same smile! gosh)

you still cant believe your eyes huh?? well well, there are super loads of pictures of us. and we very very much have everything in common! serious! no joking or makeup stories! anyway, pictures first... let me awe you people! and FYI, no editting done and i just combined picture only.

1) we LOVE to camwhore!! what turf~ she love to camwhore everywhere and this picture of Jess(so obvious)was taken while she's waiting for the driver, i think at gas station right Jess?
and here, me, the picture was taken in the changing room. while waiting for my friend to try on some dress.
when we are bored, *poof* wala! here comes camwhoring time!

(see!! the eyes!! damn!)
2) rocker chick?? HELL YEA! clubbing?? HELL YEA!! just stare into our eyes and you will fall in love with us! *snickers* *high5 jess* see Jess! we looked so so same here! the eyes girl! the damn eyes! and the hair! only angle wrong la~

3) even so, we still have our sweet and lady like moments such as the pictures above!
*resemblances = the hair and the smile and the way we tilt our head*




4) not only we have a quite look-alike face, we too~ have the same faith and yes.. it is none other than our Father above, Jesus Christ. yes, coincidently, we are both Christian! how wonderful!
Jess: vox, can i ask you a question?
Vox: yea??
Jess: are you a christian?
Vox: yea~how'd you know? y? you have a problem with that?*jokingly*
Jess: cx i saw your agape
Vox: yea, it's Hebrew.. how'd you know? you're christian too??
Jess: Amen to that sister!!


ok~ i added the cheers part but i bet Jess was prancing around in her room doing her shake ass thing! lol~ it actually ended with me cheering that i got another sister in Christ and that's when i start to call her Jie~~

5) one thing i know about her is that she is in a craze for black cats and i stalked her blog to know about it and she was so surprised that i know.. lolx~ and i love the color black too~itx just so cool, well, besides the fact that black colors helps me hide fats la~=.=
ok totally unrelated with this TWINS LOST post.
p/s:the eyes people!! the eyes!!!*see*

6) as i come to an end, the point that i do this post is to have opinions from you, yesss.. YOU! other bloggers! what do ya think?? we do look alike, don't we?!
and not only both of us perasan ok~ both of our mums thought of the same thing too! what turf yea but thats the fact.

jess's mum saw my picture while i was chatting with Jess at msn and asked her who is that girl? and her mum said i looked so much like her. and Jess thought i was doubting her and she keep saying 'SEEEEEEEEEEE~~ My mum said you look like me too... SEEEEEEEEE~~'

and last night, MY mum came into the room and coincidently*yea alot of coincidence la*, i was chatting with Jess through msn too.. we were playing changing display pictures at msn that time and my mum saw and asked me the very same thing. but she abit cuckoo! she thought i photoshoped my own picture till it's a lil bit different. and when i said this is another girl, she went@@! 'Y look so alike??' and i told Jess and she gave me the same 'SEEEEEEEEEE~~'
lolx~ what turf!

sooo~ what do you all think? if you think that don't have enough prove, just drop a comment here or at Benjicajess's Extractions of a Disoriented Mind and ask for more of our pictures and we will do a more better and clearer comparison cause i think Jess can do a better post than i do~
i'm too stunned to put my words into thoughts*eh?**seeeeeeee* i meant THOUGHTS INTO WORDS~lolx~

Vote!! Vote now~~ Not beauty contest yea but look-alike contest! lolx~ either can vote NO or YES only~ cannot DON'T KNOW~lol what turf~

p/s: we love shopping
p/p/s: we hate the same certain someone
p/p/p/s: we thinks that we look the same, in some certain ways
p/p/p/p/s: we love shawwwwwwpppiinnnggg*wait, i said that right xp*

p/p/p/p/p/s: to JESS: we 'molest' KL ok? when you come here! we molest all till the scream STOOPPPP!!
p/p/p/p/p/p/s: there's fuckingly too much p/s here cause every time i want to stop typing, something we have in common would pop into my mind. shall stop p/s-ing now~


Josh said...

AHEM, Jess is so unlike you. XD
Joking lar, credit you for the effort. ^_^

Voxy said...

what turf!! yeala~she's so much prettier than me mar~~this tau kei mui~ sien la u~ people so hyped up about this then you pour cold water~
i go tell jie~ huhuhu~

Mr Awesome said...

wahhahahha. jessmon and voxmon. Lol

Voxy said...

lolx~what tur~~

Chris Thoo said...

i dont think look alikeee..

but nice effort to compile the pictures and frame it to make this post.


Voxy said...

really a??oh thx for the acknowledgement~hehe
had great fun doing this though~

Black Jeopardy said...

YES. Black is the BEST colour in the world. bwahahahahaa!

~ ♥ J E SS I C A . T said...

T_T mock my twin??



and sistah, we rockkkk HARRDD!!

molest KL kau kau babehhhh

Voxy said...

yeala~gor mock me!! what tur~nvrm~luckily he said tht, tht means ure the only one and special for him mur~
sure molest kau kau wan till the recession jadi inflation! lol~~
*muackx and huggies*

weh, question not answered eh~
me and jess..alike?*hehe*

Konea♥ said...

eh! jess and I have the same shirt! hahahaha.
the "i only look innocent" shirt! xD
nice post btw~~

Voxy said...

hey konea! ahahaha~I agree u ony LOOK innocent! LOL~there is always a lil devil in each and everyone of us huh?LOL~

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