Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Outing Needed!!

yes, you heard me right! O.U.T.I.N.G. you want me to spell it again for you? No?? ok it is a no then~ lol what turf!

imma going crazy cuckoo wacko dumb and dumber staying at home for one whole month with not much talking and seeing no one else except for stupid brother and my mum. and they is no one to talk to me in the mornings cause all is either to school or to work. oh hey, there's another one, a dumb girl who is having one month holiday in which she is unable to find any part time job to filled up her free time space. she was thinking of visiting her friend in Perak, but, she needs to go to the Pudu station and take a bus ALL BY HERSELF to Perak. at the thought of that, i would rather stayed at house and grow fats! lolx~

and i can't wait for the next Sunday to come! wee~ wish granted immediately! seeeee!!!
i want outing and outing imma get!
yes people! all people that lives in KL and bloggers only la ok~hehehe~except if the blogger self invite non bloggers that ok la~lol~
we are still on the verge of planning but it is all set.*irony*
means if only 2-4 people can confirm then this outing would be postponed, not canceled, POSTPONED to another day whereby A LOT/MOST bloggers could attend.
the ideal place chose is...

don't give me that 'awh, not again' look ok!

we thought of going to KLCC at first but since it is like in the center of the city where always jam and prolly all also are of eligble to drive and would not use public transport so... we decided Mid Valley where it is much much more convienient for users and non users of public transport.
besides that this place also has more to offer i think if compared to KLCC.
so we could totally change plan and do whatever we like if we don't want to go for movies, let's say.
and then! if we are bored being at MidValley, there's always The Garden! wee~ it's like mini miniature Pavillion! me likey and the stuffs there are much more affordable compared to Pavillion, DUUHHH~~

ok~am sounding like im marketing Mid Valley and Gardens to people to visit! what turf!
so the time is 1p.m at MidValley. the assigned place to meet up has not really been confirmed yet but most probably the meet up would be at the GSC theather. ok?some place where everyone knows where it is and if you don' know then go bang yourself some where and *tut* la~lol


AT 1P.M.

any inquiries, Innit me. i don't give out phone number! lol


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