Friday, February 13, 2009

Samsung Brings HOPE!

there! there is my Samsung HOPE air balloon that i sent a pledge to SHELTER.

if you have totally no idea what i am talking about, here check this out.
remember my lastest post saying that i also hope that i could be a charity worker/social worker, same la..
so i was checking out NN's latest post and i went ohmigosh! this is just so my thing and i would very very much love to help out.

this is the new SAMSUNG HOPE campaign to help underpriviledge children.
read more about it, here.

all you got to do is really easy, no payment needed and totally F.O.C. and i think EVERYONE should be able to do a few clicking and sent a pledge right? since you all can surf the net the whole day. cheerrioos~
just log in here,
SAMSUNGHOPE. and you will see~

a few happy looking kids because they know that you are going to make pledges!
and click add your pledge.

and that will lead you to a page where you are eligible to choose the organizations/beneficiaries that you would want to send your pledges to. namely Children's Protection Society(PP), SHELTER(Msia), World Vision Malaysia and many many more~

the next step would be the tiny fun part for pledgers.. you got to choose your choice of airballoon! yes! YOUR OWN, virtually la~

there! and i chose a rainbow one by the way~

the next step is to fill in your details and most importantly your text of pledge! and just click the 'NEXT' button when you are done.
the end result is that you will see your balloon flying to it's destination for quite sometime so please have a bit of patient. and you balloon will end up gathering together with others and you may click on the other balloon to have a peek what other people wish for this underpriviledge children.

Let's all show some compasion ei'
cherrios people!


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