Thursday, February 12, 2009

I Have A Dream~ A Song To Sing~

'to help me cope with anything.. and if you see the wonders of a fairytale, you can take the future even if you fail~'

i am so sure that you all had heard this song before and i first got to hear this when i was standard 3 i remember cause during that time, Westlife is like the coolest most chioest most famous most handsomest most likeable eye candy most hottest boyband. and their songs are played through out the station the whole day and you will lose count on how many times they are played on just A station. come to think of that, yerrr~ so annoying! and i was like their biggest fan of all.
i even take the effort of memorizing all, i said ALL their songs instead of memorizing my studies.-_-
cause at that time, their songs moved my heart greatly and it kinda gave me the courage and hope to live and live everyday joyfully. at that time i was not a Christian yet so Westlife has kinda like became my 'Saviour' so to say la~
but now God is the only Saviour for eternity. cheerioss^.^

as of above, i would much prolly summarize myself as a girl that wants to do lotsa things but there would always be obstacles that hinders me from making it a real life story, instead of fairytales.
fairytales are never fun if it stayed that way, and i had always daydreamed how wonderful life would be if it actually happens! how chio is that right??!! ^^
this is kinda like a self note post of what i had swore to myself that i would be so if you get annoyed by my lustfulness, so sorry yea~cause this is self note post! lol~

1) Be A Doctor (of any) - (no more chance)

ok~not real doctors but i like them!

the first dream job that comes to my mind when i am trying to have back my childhood memories was D.O.C.T.O.R. ok i know that this is like common for kids to want to be doctors and as much to the parents delight when they hear this, but it was a vice versa case for me.
i remember that i used to play doctor and patient with the only brother and i always fought with him to be the doctor. i think he had NEVER been doctor at all! lol~ and one day i told mummy that i want to be a doctor so i asked her that she had better save up more money for my studies.*i know, a 8 y.o shudn talk like that, but i damn money-minded since young*
so mum was like-_- and said things like i hope that when you grow up you would become a businesswoman! i was like what the!!
this dream of mine was planted into my head after seeing lotsa National Geography and i realized that there are so many animals in this world are in need of help and also the wars that i seen through the magic box. so my heart went out for this kinda animals and humans.

and i am majoring E-commerce and Marketing now.-_- what turf!

2) Be An Air-Stewardess(i want the international kind) - (very slim chance cause im short but maybe can if i join Air-Asia.. what turf)

Cathay Pacific airstewardess
*ok! cute outfit! i like!!*

ok! this is like a girly girly dream lo! gosh! i am feeling so shy and embarassed at this dream-to-be of mine. lol~
i start to develop this dream when i start to remember situations and have my own analysis and i think that was around 6 y.o. and we was flying back to Japan then. and we took the MAS. or was it the Singapore Airlines? hm~ i could not remember already cause we were so on the move that time. and low and behold, i saw so many Jie Jie and not forgetting handsome Kor Kors all walking up and down serving customers with food and beverages. and oh~ their wonderful smiles just captivated me to want to work with them. see la~so young already so gatal and think of working! what turf!! lolx~
since we were on the plane quite frequently to and fro to JP and Malaysia, some of the Jie Jies also recognizes us and befriended us and till today, well, they are mothers now and some prolly retired! what turf! ahahah~

like i said, imma not tall enough and don't have devil's body so prolly only Air-Asia would even consider to take a peep at my resume! lol what turf~

3)Be A Social Worker/Volunteer(i want 'Requires To Travel') - (^^ bright chance, if i meet the right person to guide me)

this is a quite famous welfare house and they need quite a lot of people!
can i join?! huhu

i am a damn compasionate girl one ok and on the other hands, i want to travel also. so bey being a self-volunteer of any sorts, i could travel. not for free, also have to pay.. but at least i don't pay and go to other countries that i don't even understand their language and i ended up lazing in the hotel room and making use of the services that we can even find here.
i want to travel and at the same time do good! geddit!
so if there is anyone that might be in travel agency/you need a traveling partner/you got nice and safe homestay program to recommend to me.. any of those sorts, please leave a comment of this post!

this imma going to make it happen. go fight WIN!!!

4)Be A Superstar!(-_-) - (no comments)
i used to prance around in the house using the blankets as those frilly long elegant dresses and a remote control as the microphone and start strutting around the house singing songs that i memorize by heart. not only that, i damn chio one, i used to wear mummy's high heels that are way too big for me and start doing catwalk all around the house and prolly up the wall if i were Spiderman-_-!!
haix that time still small girl girl, and when i am elder now, mummy and other aunty and uncles said that i used to be very very extravagant and it is VERY VERY VERY and quite cheeky but now why when grow up already, i become VERY extravagant*note only one VERY*and so quiet with strangers? that is NOT Vicky.
fyi, old people! now that i am older, i realized how bitchy looking i must have been when i was young and so it would be damn annoying if i had stayed that way! what turf this oldies! lol~
on offense cause that is how we talked to each other and i love every tiny bit of them all!! *muackz*

now that i am 19 y.o, i realized that i could NEVER be a superstar eventhough the angel's light is upon me cause.. it is not me la! but i could make it close to fulfill my this dream and that is to do PR-ing/media organizers/media advertizers for all this superstars! wee~ how chio! and i still got to meet them up close cause i think they live worst lifes then us. at least we don't get paparazzied when we are out even for a cuppa! right? cheerios!

seriously i have like 4 - 5 more extravagant crazy dream but this is my top 4 la that i wanted to be so much! lol~
so cheerrios!! i stil have one or two that i might be able to fulfill!
'i can take the future and i will not fail!!' even if you fail..'


Anonymous said...

i wish you good luck with your dream..the minimum requirement to be a cabin crew for air asia is about 158cm for girls you meet the minimum requirement? if YES..why not you give a least you go give a try to apply for it..rather than u done nothing..good luck ya!!! =)

YL said...

be superstar. i support your dream. xD

Victoria said...

tolanic: imma 155 ony!! shit! do they count with heels on??lol cx i saw those airstewardess aso not tht tall what even with 3 inch heels..

@yi ling:huhu~thx babe!

Anonymous said...

depend on airlines..but airasia and MAS..the requirement is quite high..cathay pacific and SIA lagi strict

Samantha Chow said...

eat teengrow and go jumping more! (play basketball or jump rope) Confirm work (on younger people) but im sure about us at this age. haha

Anonymous said...

anybody can be a superstar at any age. don't just tell urself u won't be one! u r still young!

Victoria said...

@samantha! ahahaha~i aso doubt tht i would grow anymore now! what tur~lol

@renaye:thx fer the cheers but~ahahaha~if its faithed la~lol

cheerios people

Bernard Chung said...

Be everything u want as long as it doesn't break any laws.

Victoria said...

@bern: huhuhu~~thankx! if only my mum are as supporting as you all!! fuahh~ said...

kah yao!
haha, didn't know that you have almost the same height as me!

Victoria said...

@sire muimui: yea i am short. ok .. let me rephares that.. IS SUPER DUPER ULTIMATELY SHORT for my ages! what turf wei~damn emo lo

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