Saturday, March 21, 2009



I hate to repeat stuffs as what and how i repeat myself every Saturday that i go swimming and all, so please remember ok~LOL~

Seriously, i have got no idea why the hell i am so blardy moody today. I think it's PMS on the way. what turf.
and so i went swimming today and a long one too. 3 hours i tell you. In the water for three freaking hours! ohmygod! and if i were not sunburnt by then, i would blardy change my surname to Wow man!

The story was, as we had promised my nephews, we would bring them down to swimsplashwaterevery Sat. But they weren't at home today but went to their Po Po's house and spent the night there.
and we was there by 7.30 a.m. and my 'wonderful' mum suggested that we swim till around 8.30 a.m then we go fetch them and then we change into the already soaking wet swimsuit and swim again. I was like what turf~they are already awake, so why can't we blardy bring them here now? and she nagged, saying it would ter-cold-ed their small young intolerable-to-cold lungs and bla bla bla, rant rant rant, you got the jingomingo~

So i just went along cause i don't know that area and she don't want to let me drive! what ever~
but at the end, i made up my mind that i will just stay in the pool and cont swimming few more before the monkeys come! LOL~
Needless to say, swim again lo and mum complain that it is eeky to rewear the already soaking swimsuit! not my blardy business sia~nabeh, don't want to listen to me then come and complain~

Tralalalala~story or rather ramblings short~ I was at the adult pool then the children then the adult then children then adult~arh~u need to get my jingmatashits now~
cause i blardy ran up and down to take care of them and to cont swimming too~
All this till 10 a.m~
And worse of all, the thing that i hate most, the thing that i always thought swimmers will have no matter how they hide from the sun and i was so darn happy that it has never happen to me... NOT TILL TODAY!
what turff~


Luckily nothing wrong with my arse, or else i would have difficulty in sitting down too~arrh!
ok~i want to distress by watching NIGHT IN THE MUSEUM.

Bye~i emo sia~


fluotone said...

haha I laughed myself so hard I had cried lol!

Voxy said...

@Floutone::eh jahatnya!!! whats so funny about sunburnt! swt

fluotone said...

lol the stuff about ur arse was the funniest yet the grossest :p

but now we know yet another interesting/irrelevant fact about you haha!

btw, do you know who your loyal readers' true identity is?

Voxy said...

@Floutone::who is the loyal reader??you?seriously, i think u have been to my site before this frequent time, but i cant recall who are u~

nevertheless, i dun mind whoever reads here~

least, u wna tell, i dun mind

fluotone said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
fluotone said...

no la have just actually started reading a few months back :p I like your style of blogging. I'm surprised you didn't ask CIA to do a background check on me lol!

well if you want to know, add me on the thing called msn. the adds the same as my nick just add the at the end hehe :)

Voxy said...

Floutone::ahahaha~ok thx~by the way, what is my style of blogging?i actually am not sure?

why wud i wna to check up on u?! LOL

sirei said...

hmmm.... lobster~~~

Voxy said...

Sirei mui::LOL~and ur picture shows the 'hm, i want to eat' thing! LOL~no ok ard~*hugs*

sirei said...

ya, your mui is always hungry
so whenever i'm hungry, i'll hunt for the closest hand to bite.... always ready a bottle of bbq sauce... lol

Voxy said...

@Sirei::huhu~but dun eat my butt ok?LOL~serious~this friday you free??

sirei said...

your butt let vveijie ate liao.
no, got appointment liao~
why? where r u taking me to sell? :P

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