Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Sick Vox


Woke up with a terrible headache this morning and i felt nausea. Fiddle my way down the stairs and i half sat and walked down the stairs this morning cause of morning nausea. what turf, i thought only pregnant ladies got morning nausea?!LOL~xp

Nevertheless, got myself all prim and ready to go to college within 30 minutes, when i only need 15 minutes!haix, the sickness is slowing me down and i hate it. it's like my brains are working slower and slower by the minute. maybe it is the think mucus that has reach up to the brains and stuck all the neurons together and so the electric pulse can't flow that efficiently to the grey matter, thus the slow response??!what turf, but looking at the statement that i just made, my brains ain't that retarded either!! LOL~

I think i am coming down with a flu and most probably sore throat! arrh! no! haw can you treat me like this, body of mine?! after all the request that you made and i fulfill! remember the urges, oh body of mine for the so ever salivating piece of choco that cost me a fortune but i bought it for 'you' just so to satisfy 'you'? and that urge to go eat KFC and now your're giving me sore throat?! and the ais cream that 'we' ate the other day while it was raining under the stupid bus stop? and the Pizza Hut that was not what 'you' wanted to eat but since people invited, so 'we' went!?

In a nut shell, i ate a lot of stuffs or should i say junk food that i would never ever eat so frequently in just mere two week!! For the past two weeks, what i remember eating was things that fattens me and became what i am now! i meant sick not fat, ok?!*sensitive*
I ate like thrice of nasi lemak, twice of KFC, once of Pizza Hut, twice of Dim Sum after swimming every Saturday, i went to mamak almost every night, i met up with friends at Kenny Rogers the other day, and then i mamak-ed again.. and the most important thing is, i did not gulp down 8 glasses of water per day! what turf~or else i would be finding for the restroom where ever i go! oh my poor weak bladdery~LOL~

Not forgetting the contribution, in fact the biggest contribution of all, the WEATHER!!
Like my teacher said today, "Sekejap panas, sekejap hujan, sekejap ribut, panashujanribut, panashujanribut, so kamu pun macam mayat sekarang!"

And i hate medicine!!! arhh! have to gulp down AGAIN two Panadol!?
what turf~what if i over dose and i pass out and i have to be taken to the hospital and i have to stay there overnight and then in the middle of the night i suddenly wake up cause i feel that someone is watching over my bed and then i saw something there and when i blink my eyes the shadow is no more there and then i begin to scream my head off and the nurse rushes in and then the doctor inject some mind-calming shit to my hand and then i pass out again and when i wake up again and found out that i am in my own bed and when i read back what i just type here, i felt so lame that i need to stop now and take the two effing medicine and continues my Web Page Design.

p/s:: i hate hospital to the max and i always pray that i will not have any major sickness.
p/p/s:: i once read this book and i still remember every thing about a girl seeing things in the hospital!ftw~
p/p/p/s::my brain is still working! yeay!


Jeffro said...

OMG!! Voxy.. PREGNANT~~!!!!

How could you?? O_O *blink blink*

Voxy said...

@Jeffro::what turff!!
LOL~i shall let u go tonight since i am sick!whadda! then you will hope tht i get sick everyday kan??


Jeffro said...

LOL.. nah.. what's the fun when I'm the only dominating all the time.. hehehehe xD

btw, Why would I want you to get sick?? Heck no way! It's way more fun when you're healthy and alive.. =D So QUICKLY GET BETTER!

Voxy said...

@Jeffro: i know that you meant good that you want me to cepat sembuh but then again, when i read it twice, it sounds like 'pls get well soon so that i can have someone to talk crap and lame stuffs with me and people to bertengkar with me!'


Jeffro said...

Errr... *whistles and look around*
I just want you to get better..


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