Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Showers Of Blessing

Now you don't get that everyday right?? and some of you probably had never ever get a touch of it. and this is not some holy post so chill people and don't get all chipped up about Victoria being all holy molly. xp

College matter first wokey? i forgot what i want to write
I was actually quite anxious to get to know my new 'partners of suffering' and her name is Fundamentals of Selling and also the another 'peep' is named Business Organization. their names sound chio-er than mine right? i bet the sufferings that they give/provide is also better than what i do to people! lol what turff~
to those blur-sters, those are my extra units after my Web Page Design, something that i wanted to learn when i first gave in and chose E-commerce & Marketing. and please 'YEAY' together gether with me cause there is no calculations starting from this semester. and no calculations = no epic flung-ness/fail hopefully
i guess i have to work my ass off for this 7 weeks and get newer and nice ass for myself after that! lol what turf.

Lecture started at 9 a.m today, a more significant and no annoyance timing which i very much prefer. but the lecturer is anyhow, not my lang/cuppa/league, what ever you want to call it cause her Manglish is so god damn good and her English is so god damn pathetic! T-T
this time really have to 'Sek Zhi Gei' lo~ and i am addicted to 'eat thyself' in canton please since Mr. Loh kept repeating it yesterday! LOL xp

this is what i always eat everyday and i am like the Queen of Chee Cheong Funself proclaimtill the leng jie who sells it also know what and how much i take.
but i did not have this today and this was brekkie for me friend today just before the day starts.

It is either i had nothing for breakfast or maybe the teacher's Manglish is to 'Fuah' for me to decipher it, i got sleepy and yawny after the first 1 hour, trying to be all interested in what she is trying to tell us. nevertheless, she did acheive something from me through what she tried, and that is a sleepy me! T-T and she is my tutorial too.. she seemed a bit more relax in tutorials and no 'I-WANT-TO-SING' pose ala with the mike and all~

We got one hour break before meeting my next 'partner' and that is none other than Business Organization. decided to take a stroll to TBR which is nearby thy college to fulfill our hunger for Nasi Lemak. Kita kan orang Malaysia! lol what turf~

and today is yet another freaking hot day and so it make me all together the more hawt! ROFLMAO~*erhem*
and we gushed down our lunch with this nice and refreshing but i-don't-know-what-you-call-this-in-English water.

Business Organization was conducted by an Indian lecturer and call me racist or what ever cause the first time i realized that and i went 'Arrggh~ is Indian teacher arh?!yerr~'
ok~memang racist but you can slap me now cause she is so darn good! totally oppo of the previous lecturer. we were all at ears to listen to what she wants to say and i am totally digging intoherlessons. but she walked out on us after like 30 minutes cause shethinks we are noisygot a meeting.@@ on the first week. and we only got 7 weeks! what turf!

am looking forward to tomorrow.
got assignments already! *yeay and cries*

And so it was all sunny and farking hot in da morning and it rained like monkeys and buffaloes when it was early evening, the time that we go back! what turf! and my friend solely walked to her car and fetch us where we stand in comfort and dry-ness. ok~except when i stupidly and ignorantly stepped into the ankle-length puddle and splash my brand new shoes! what turf!
I was dropped off to the nearest station, nice and dainty, a bit wet and thats for sure but not drenched and am contented. and i met the stupidest people today when i remember about subways, and that will be the next post.
When i reached the last station before changing lanes for Monorel to Times Square, the rain was accompanied by dinosaurous thunderstorm!! T-T and it was so dark, the sky and i nearly tripped, face-flat! swt!

and my umbrella can't withstand thunderstormrous rain and so i have to wait by the side and to be only able to gaze to the Monorel and can't do a thing except for getting all drenched and it was so cold!

arrh~ in a nutshell, i have actually no idea how to describe the bad experience i had today being under the small confined waiting area, ass-bumping with all those Bangladeshis, having thunders thundering so near that my heart nearly stopped beating, the cold-ness equals of a fridge, the freaking dirty-ness of overflowing water due to bad piping, my wet wet wet drenchedly drenched NEW SHOE and oh, did i mention that it was NEW! T-T
and so i can't 'what turf' the weather cause this is god's creation and timing for it to rain. this might be a frightening freakyly disastrous experience to me but nations on the other side might need this freaking big storm for survival, and they called it a blessing but i shall named it 'Public Shower Day' for me.


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