Wednesday, March 25, 2009

I Shall Shock Vox


I was so frustrated very early in the morning. Cause i have something that i need to have a small talk with mummy to get her opinion and also to get her permission. Which means this ain't any small normal talks any more~LOL~

Cause i have got this friends who wish to sell her hand phone at a price which is so irresistible and her phone is also the one that i had wanted since they launched it. cause it's so darn cute and it is pink so i want it la~what turf~ and it really looks like some Japanese phone which make me have even more of the desire to be one of the million proud owners.

And so, i missed the chance of asking her even we are in the car for about 45 minutes drive before i take my lrt. cause my mum has this really weird character. If she wakes up in a good mood that morning and you just have to spill the beans and pissed her up, she will be fucking pissed through out the whole day and she will scold even more when she picks me up. And that is why i don't dare to piss her off and so i did not ask. Then i went for some opinion whether is it worth it to buy that phone cause my phone is only 5 months old. what turf right?! xp
Then my friend(who noes me well)says that don't really love the phone like freaking will die for it that kind and second hands cant be trusted, bla bla bla~

But i still want to try~!
But, after all the craps, i did not asked her cause she was already in a bad mood later in the evening when she fetches me cause she had blisters in her mouth! what turf~

and so ends my sad day and i have to forgo(again)something that i like and that is also why i did not procrastinate and did not blog yesterday! *BLEK*


WAH! some fucking punk dude or was it a dudette cause i can't see his 'yong sui' face which is all covered up got the best of all of the monorail attendants today! I shall elaborate on that.

So let's start!
Today is darn hot again! seriously i can't stand it no more!!!*mumbles*
Nothing that special happen at college today except that we had something planned up for tomorrow to pissed the blardy college guards bitches who is so bias!! Another beh ta han thing!

Finally, i got my mag! It is finally out! Ohmygod, i thirst for this mag so long already! Why can't they make it thicker if it is published one a month and also at the last week of the previous month!

I waited for so long and turns out that this time around this is going to be a droll-not-so-worthy i think magazine cause this time around their main cover is the Eligible Bachelor whom i saw no one that i think is eligible! LOL~compared to the last time, this time around, it's either no face or no body!*shuts up*

Ok, that freaking punk human! what turf to the max i tell you!
Our monorail stop at Hang Tuah if i am not mistaken to take up more passengers and usually all those will go down at Imbi which is where the Times Square is.
I freaking can swear*if i would*that i did not see this human when the rail passby and certainly i did not see him entering tha train.
I must say, KNNBCCB him! should be a him la cause he stinks and he got manly hands! swt~
When i turned around just to position my ass la, i got the shock, the most shocking shocks that i have even experience in my life of "Shockness" cause that blardy human sits right next to me, no sound at all i tell you!
How do i even describe how he dress??!
Have you all seen those punk dude wearing male lolita clothings and usually a lot of this can be found at Times Square.. Arh~those~ and please imagine the worst of the worst that you have ever seen so far and compared to mine.
The one that i saw,
*knowing that you can't see him*

Seriously, what turf i tell you and the first thing i had in mind was is he trying to rob me using the scary method or is he just too blardy hot inside and maybe someone made him this way and he wants my help to unveil him!?LOL what turf~

All in all, he scares the shit outta an ang moh kiddo and drops his Aunty Anne! xp

a sudden thought, have you ever ever feel that you don't want to grow up?


CWKen said...

u should've taken a photo of that dude and post it up hahaha

Voxy said...

Ken::omg!can't, he sits right beside and he is scary and he grunts! what turf~

damn scary and eeky and everyone's like laughin at him or what ~

Jeffro said...

LOL.. i tot he was about to grab your butt.. hahaha rofl...

nways, i've alwayz wanted not to grow up, but reality disallows me.. T_T

sirei said...

wtf headless guy...

at least, i don't have to encounter one at rapid kl.

what phone is your friend selling? :)
(LG ice-cream? XD) said...

You are planning to change into what phone? iPhone ka?

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