Monday, March 16, 2009

Run Around Vox


It's been so long, so long that i had gone shopping for computers and things related with computers and laptops. and it was so much fun today, bargaining and all like we are at some cheap markets! lol what turf.. according to mummy, we must get anything and everything at as low price as we can cause now recession!


Reached Times Square around 10.30a.m today to meet up with old National Service friends. Actually they are 'friends' that i have never talk to before in the camp except for occasional HI BYE and that is also like once in 2 weeks! and now that we are out and free from NS, they start digging up my and practically everyone's contact number and wants outing almost every month! what turf.. and they don't even click with me i tell you, but since he went to almost the extend of begging and coincidentally i will be around that area, so no harm at dropping by and say HI right?ngehehe~
and what turf! they are so typical Malaysians and that pissed me off! He told me that the time was 11a.m but they all reached around 12p.m! what turfff~>.< style="text-align: right;">BLARRDY PEOPLE!!

And so i met up with mummy at Pavilion and went to Harvey Norman! yeay! my all time favorite shopping-for-computer shop ever! Cause i know that i can trust such a huge company that has branches world wide instead of computer shops that looks like ah long penhouse at Low Yat! and yes people! LowYat is so not my standard and s if you love that place so much that you feel annoyed seeing this, please press the little red innocent X on the top right hand side of your blardy screen!

So i shall declare why the heck i hate Low Yat so very very the much.. lol what turf.
First and foremost, that place is not to my standard. Meaning they watermark their stuffs as thing that comes from Korea and Japan and what ever country that to them is very the maju, all but except Malaysia! LOL and my brother some how or rather found out that the once handphone that he bought was made of China and cost him RM800++, when the price of it was only around RM300++. LOL WHAT TURF. and that bloody pissed him off and kinda ward me off from Low Yat.
Secondly, that effing place always, and i meant ALWAYSSS are so jam pack with people that look see look see around aimlessly and not buying a thing. they do nothing there but waste Low Yat and oxygen and the parking for those that really want to buy something there. Conclusion, Malaysians very the free and overly wuliao that they would very much spend their time sauna-ing at Low Yat.


Brother's bank savings are finally empty. KOSONG. BLANK. ZERO. COBWEBS. YILEKK. Just like mine cause he finally got himself a desktop that cost him rm3000. and i flared at him saying why would he buy a Vaio laptop instead! what turf. why the hell he wants a desktop for cause he cant go online when he is out of house what! haix~
but he is so proud of it and he is at it now. doing i don't know what but i amm contented too cause now finally i don't have to plug and uplug and wait for him to finish his online time cause i had finally forked out money for WiFi! yeay!


bro's brand new HP desktop with Intel Core2 Quad.

here is the massively large 19 inch of flat screen lcd monitor and I LIKE!!

and i am now watching Vivien's old time movies and i love it! and i am kinda distracted to blog now! LOL WHATTURF! but i did it right?

and so that is my story for today. thank you for reading! toodles! bye! chiow! adious! cahneh!


Jeffro said...

RM3000 for desktop? Awesome.. wished I had the $$ to get me one too! I yearn for a gaming desktop!! *envy envy envy*

btw, apa lu beli? no picture ka?

Voxy said...

@Jeffro::lol~he gaming nia! okok pictures up now!! LOL

Jeffro said...

yeah.. I WANT ALSO.. but no money.. *sulks up and walks away*

Voxy said...

@Jeffro::LOL~thats not mine but feel free to come and rosakkanya! LOL

Jeffro said...

LOL.. I like gadgets, I won't go rosakkannya unless I find it a total useless item.. =D

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