Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Minum Petang @ Belanga, Empire Shopping Mall

Few weeks ago, I've gotten myself an invitation to have a sesi minum petang(an afternoon tea session)at a Malay Restaurant named Belanga. It's more like a cafe with awesome Kelantanese food!

Situated right above Chillis, one floor above Chillis (if I'm not mistaken), you can see the big green welcoming sign that says 'Belanga'.

We were there quite early for the 'minum petang' and was thoroughly briefed through on what will we be expecting and the types of food with the funny names were explained to us. Thank God for them else I wouldn't have an idea to what I am eating and would be guessing away on why are they named such way lol.

The platter above with the yellow balls are called something like 'Tahi Itik'. Weird name right? The yellow balls are actually made out of egg yolks with sugar and the egg white are used to make into the white color balls, with sugar as well =)

Two long table spread of food were prepared for us to eat our hearts out. Point of view from a non-fan of Malay cuisine(let alone Kelantan cuisine), I really really love the food there and I do not mind eating my heart out at Belanga everyday!
Belanga, you got me liking Malay cuisine, well, in your case, the Kelantanese cuisine =)

Samosa. This you can probably find at the night market and nothing was really special about this Samosa but I guessed that this is part of the famous Kelantan cuisine =)

On the right is 'Anak Dara Dua Sebilik', yes weird name I know and I will explain on this later, this is one of my favorite! then the two yellow rolls are Roti Jala and that is to be savor with the curry in the small bowl and there is my cucur udang.

My freshly made Roti Jala!

All freshly-made! *goes crazy*

Anak Dara Dua Sebilik
They say that two glutinous rice balls are in the 'chamber' which is the kuih(the white part). This is really awesome and it's sweet tasting. I'm a sucka for sweet stuffs =P

I really had my part for the day and I like the good service provided by the people there. Pretty efficient I must say =)
And to end the meal for the day, we were given choices to our coffee!
Me, no coffee lover, me boyfriend, drinks coffee.

Aww~ So pretty!

To end my post of the day, of course its none other than 

Rubbing our filled tummys! Lol!

Thank you Belanga for the awesome sesi minum petang =)


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