Monday, November 1, 2010

Ya' Know, I'm A Picky Eater

Ohai November!

October was awesome as I had my weekends filled with events events and clubbing and more clubbing and late night yum cha sessions are something to miss. To those that questions, I got the love of my life back in my dull life, but like he said, I shall not hate my life because he is in it and I love him and he is my life so I should not hate my life because if I do that means I hate him.

*wtf, seriously Samuel is born to be a tongue twister RAWR*

Been really let down for the past weeks and am in the midst of some plans, plans that will change the way I lived my whole entire 20 years of life. This plans can either go good or turns out very wrong, either way, I think that I'm up for it. I don't think I want to look back in life, in another 20 years to come and sits there sighing on things that I think of but did not fulfill it and then starts to wonder how would things turned out 'if only'~

So hope for the best of me okay? And I need a steady job with income that I can survive on my own. Know any? Recommend me okay? Teehee! I live a simple life where I shop daily, I'm a heavy BBM-er with limited data plan, runs around a lot but does not own a car, freaking picky eater, me and fish don't go along and always has craves to spend thousands on ONE LV bag =)
*nah just joking, I can surpass all temptations =)*


Back to the title, I'm indeed a freaking picky eater when I wasn't so when I was younger. I still eat fish when I was younger but for the past 1 year, I just can't stand at the sight of fish. I'd have this pukerish feeling whenever I smelled one, be it cooked or not. =( This is definitely going to have a major effect to my sight =(

One thing, to anyone that wants to get me birthday present(for next year wtf), you just have to buy those pockies and pretzzies and bundle them up in a big basket then wrap it ala hamper wtf, and I would be more than happy and would choose yours as the best present compared to gadgets wtf.


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