Saturday, November 13, 2010

The Big Bad Wolf Sale!

I'm sure that everyone has come across where people go "Hey it's the Big Bad Wolf sales again! Let's go and grab em' books!" and as cliche as it is, the name does not go anywhere near a wolf and something that is bad. Reading is not bad =) Apparently there is a story behind to the name "The Big Bad Wolf"

"I'm baccccccckkkk", says the Wolf.

Ever heard of the story where the wolf goes to the woods and wants to blow down the 3 pig's house? So the story continues and it goes like this.
'The wolf knocked hard on the door to be let in. "we won't let you in!", says one of the piglets. And another piglet unleashed the latch and pushed a heavy bag out so that the wolf would take it along with him, instead of one of them. "we're running out of stock for ourselves if the wolf keeps coming back!", says another piglet. "we won't because we have our Kindle now and I've heard that the wolf is selling books now", says the piglet who pushed the bag of books out.'

And I did not even make up the story because that is how the ending was written on the back of the notebook that they gave out to every customer.

My buys on Day 1 that I've went, I went again today and I've got myself another 6 books =)
I know, I've got random reads =P
Everything here totals up to RM75, just so if someone asked me whether is the sales worth it or not. Silly question, of course The Big Bad Wolf's Sales are worth it!

And here it is to my best buy of all time,
My French Dictionary! Because it's only RM8!! I'm not kidding!
(yea I chose the colored one because I'd get bored with dictionaries wtf)

My French class is getting crazier, nevertheless I can assuredly say that this is the best class I've ever attended my entire life of studying =)


I'm a coccinelle (ladybug). LOL

unrelated picture.
This kid slept like this throughout the whole shopping hours the mom went. Fucking cute japanese kid!


yinkoon said...

Where is the big bad wolf?

I may hunt for it when I am in KL.

Victoria said...

yinkoon, it's at south city plaza at seri kembangan. This time around it will be on sales till 19th I think. Either 17th or 19th. From 10am - 9pm =)

yinkoon said...

Well guess I am going to miss it. Thanks for the info though.

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