Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The Switch - Movie

All thanks to Adverlets and the founder, Josh Lim for inviting me to this new movie named 'The Switch'. Also special thank you to Jason Ong from for helping me out with the extra tickets and being kind enough to spare me another =)

Seriously, since my day time cum part time job is being stuck in the office and my night time job cum full time job is going/hopping around clubs and clubbing my night away, I wasn't aware of what's new on screen. Thanks to the both mentioned above, I've stepped out of my shell and I got to watch this before it is out on screen!

Ze poster that can be seen everywhere.

The movie started off with Jennifer Aniston who is at her age of 40 and she wants to be pregnant and have a baby. Jason Bateman, as the role of Jennifer Aniston's best friend was there to witness all her sudden party to celebrate a sperm donor who is willing to donate his sperm for money.

The sperm donor which I think played a role in Eclipse as the vampire doctor.

On the night of the party, Jason Bateman was drunk that he accidentally replaced the sperm donor's sperm with his own sperm!

This is where the fun part is.
Flushed the sperm's down the drain.
Jason Bateman then masturbated over an old lady on the cover page(LMAO!)
And the sperm that would be injected into Jennifer Aniston was replaced with Jason Bateman's.

7 years down the road, Jennifer Aniston came back with a 7 year old kid(out of the sperm by Jason Bateman)and she would love that the both of them to meet each other. Appearing as a gloomy, negative and analytic thinking kid just like Jason Bateman, Jason then found out and realized that he had accidentally switched the donor's sperm with his!

One of their hanging out moments.
This kid too, 'makes out' with his food just like how Jason Bateman does! Lol!
You must watch this to know all the hidden hidden jokes.

After all the find out and hoo haa, Jason Bateman decided to confess and to get Jennifer and his own 'accidental' son back.


Over all, this is a movie worth the watch because it is somehow different from other love movies that I've watched. It is not cheesy and it is filled with funny yet indirect jokes and the small boy is really cute la~ Has this beady 'I'm lonely come hug me' eyes! RAWR!

Thanks again Adverlets for the movie ticket! I really enjoyed the movie and definitely all the friends I made and my two body guards who are willing to watch it with me =)


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