Friday, October 15, 2010

Triple Birthday Celebration @ Gaja, Bangsar

On the 9/10/2010, I was invited by Jason Chan, Jeremy Choy and Michael Yip to a triple birthday celebration because they were all Octoberians. Is October a good month to give birth or what because every other day, I would have birthday parties to attend and seriously am broke for the month, including all my clubbings, yumcha sessions and outings.

Like 3 generation together wtfwtf Just joking lol!!

Jason's birthday falls on the 18/10, Jeremy's birthday falls on the 10/10 and Michael's birthday falls on the 6/10. Technically Jeremy is the star/hero/birthday boy for the day as he is celebrating his 21st! 几粒米 is finally a big boy! =)

A group picture of every one that came on that day!

Met a lot of new people whom are so much more friendly and so much more crazy lol! Jacquelyn, Alex, Marilyn, Samuel, and I was there pretty early, whilst waiting, we played Monopoly Deal! This is the shiz now, no longer BlackJack haha.

Marilyn getting blur and frustrated because she can't get hold of the game haha, first timer ba~ And I was playing and talking to the author of
(sorry, I forgot your name lol)

The eating session was suppose to begin at 8p.m. but as usual, all are Malaysians and timing isn't a priority and by then I was actually dead hungry lol. As I entered the Gaja restaurant, I immediately smelled grilled lamb and I told Marilyn, "Yayy! Got lamb to eat" wtf -.- Not that I have not had grilled lamb for ages but that's like the second best thing in my food category, first is chicken meat wtf hahaha!!

Me chatting with
(Every time I type BolehLand, I immediately feel sarcasm because Malaysia memang tak boleh wtftwf xD)

As per any normal makan makan and birthday celebration, mingling around is the most that we can do and that is THE ONLY purpose =) To share, to learn and to care~ Then we had a mini game session where someone was randomly chose and they will need to do/act/say whatever the audience wants them too.

"Yes, I is love to camwhore"
LOL!! =P

When everything ended, the few that was left are either drinking or chatting our lives away, which is what I did. Then Jason came in with an Instax camera!!! *squeals*

Me and Jason

Marilyn and I! Heart this babe =)
And we met and knew each other in pretty random way, in which I think I would blog about it when we have had more time to know each other better and flood each other's wall with tagged pictures of us camwhoring together hahahahahah xD


All together now =)

Then the clock strike 12 and it was 10/10/2010. The birthday boy went


All pictures credits to Samuel Chew and DustyHawk

10/10/'10 is also a memorable day for me because he came back and everything seems to be falling back into place now. I really hope that this time, this will last. And typical as I am, I don't give others second chance, you screw it then you pay the consequences. But there's just something about you that I would want to try things all over again, no matter how the ending comes, I would have no regrets because we tried =)

You know you love me and you know I do.


Mike YIp said...


Wa.Lau.Wei said...


Nice post... got hidden love notes in it too! I wish you thee best with your man again!

Life is all about experiences... Don't mean to burst your bubble... Nothing is forever...

My favorite tag line is... One guarantee in life is Death!

Live life the fullest and enjoy each and every moment. Live a life with no regrets!


Wa.Lau.Wei aka

Victoria said...

Mike Yip: Wheee love your cigar! Lol Did you have fun that night? heheheh

WaLauWei: Lol! Cause it's like a short thingie so include aja =P and yea, I learnt that nothing is forever and I should not expect anything to stay with me forever, nothing but death! Lol!
And thanks for having me there and i'm still thinking about Brozeit =P

Wa.Lau.Wei said...

Thank you for coming and I hope you enjoyed the party totally!

<3 <3 <3

MaRiLyN said...

Wheee~~ my name was mentioned XD LOL.
And you forgot Dan's name. Ahahaha. Kesian him. That reminds me, i haven't been spamming on his facebook. Hmmmm.
And you all bully me in that monopoly game!! Rawrr!! All con my property and money away. *sobs*
Awwwww... and i heart you too babe :D
And and and, make sure that man of yours don't bully you. I'll slap him for you personally if he bullies you. :D
Muakz =)

Victoria said...

WaLauWei: my honor to be there weh =)

Marilyn: Lol! I wanna go get the Monopoly Deal then we can play hahah, that game is addictive but when you play like 5 games straight down, then you will feel like your head wanna pecah hahaha
Hehehe, don't think he will bully me anymore =P

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