Monday, October 4, 2010

2nd October: Chee Wei's 20th Birthday Dinner @ Gardens, One Utama

My first blog post for the month of October! Within 5 days into a new month, I was already so busy till I've got no time to update my blog and now am fully all booked till the end of October. I don't know whether I should be happy or not because it burns a hole in my purse but I need friends to keep me sane, instead of stuck at home perched on my sofa, going online 24/7 lol!

This month is filled with birthday birthday birthday and birthday celebrations! And I started my very first October birthday celebration where I celebrated on of my secondary school mate. Known him since Form 1?! And he just turned 20th on the 3rd, awww, *sobs* no more the small little brother that I used to call him =P

Chee Wei, ze birthday boy!
I think he is still single *winks to all the single ladies*

I think he chose Gardens which is at One Utama and all the guys were nice enough to drive us all, and we convoy 3 car with a number of 15 people, all heading to One Utama around 9ish for dinner. There are pictures of the food but I would want to highlight all my friends that I have not seen for almost 3 years! Time does fly~

Pui Mun(the girl) and Wai Ken(the guy)
Pui Mun is my secondary bestie and we are nicknamed "Twin Dolls" because of our almost same height, different body size and we go everywhere together! We were then inseparable lol~
Wai Ken is like my "dai lou" (big brother) whom is super nice, super shy, super sampat(silly), and he love HERO from DBSK like how I did! LOL!

Casey(on the left) and Dorothy(on the right)
The two DSLR-talking girls and also sexy nerds(?)
Casey is single though! *hintshints*

Both the single ladies *winks*

I think both of them are single too!
I'm like using my blog to matchmake wtf..

Everyone just ate and ate and ate as soon as the food arrives because it was quite way over dinner time, I assumed and they end it by girls stuffing the guys with foods that they cannot finish and they said "Guys next time don't need to order, just wait for us girls to give you all the leftovers that we can't finish" LOL WTF THAT IS SO MEAN! xD

"Busy with her BB"
Was what I got tagged on Facebook.
*no comment* *shifty eyes* xP

Wah, ada mood la!

Overall, the food is nice with a very reasonable price but the workers there are a little dumb(?!) We had about 15 people in our group and everyone ordered a main dish with a drink. And when everything came together, the workers who served us the food just placed the food in front of us without mentioning the name of the food. That is totally dumb larh, and the best part is when we asked, they can barely understand us -.-

Totally damaged the beautiful ambiance that Gardens tried to provide to their diners.

Two pictures of me amongst all the 2763 that I took, lol just joking~

There were a whole lot more who were there but I just don't get why are some people so camera shy?! Sometimes this people pisses me off when a photographer wants an all-together picture, then the one who is camera shy will always stand out of the camera frame but not all out and it will take like 3-4 minutes just to try to pull him/her into the frame.

-.- pathetically lame okay! And What's with "cannot take pictures three by three?" All this superstitious belief sometime drives me up the wall.

I ended up my night by hoping from MILK club to Zouk and I had an awesome 2 hours dancing at Phuture =) Yup, am back to my glory days now lol!


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