Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Natio: Clay & Plant Face Mask Purifier

Just the other day when I was complaining that I'm experiencing a hormone change(I make myself believe that instead of the fact that I'm lazy with my facial regime) thus all the break out on my precious face that has never had more than 2 pimples at one break out, now it's like 5, my colleague came about and blessed me with

Natio Aromatherapy's Clay and Plant Face Mask Purifier

Super long name and you'd go "What?!" right?
Well, Natio is an Australia-based company that holds onto the phrase "Nature nurtures best" and seriously, their whole product line which ranges from eye care to skin care to make up are created from natural plant extracts and essential oils. From what I see on their brochures, grapes seemed to be the 'main' thing.


This face mask functions to absorb impurities and refines my skin's texture. It's basically a cleanser that purifies my skin and this is suitable for Normal/Dry, Normal/Oily and Young skin. I fall into the category of Normal/Dry and Young skin.
After having to leave it on the table for 2 weeks, I took the initiative to give this a try as my pimples are not showing any signs that it will go away *pobre*

Containing kaolin bentonite which is a clay mineral that can be found abundantly at tropical rainforest, lemon palmarosa and sesame, this mask smells like a mixture of lemon with sesame oil and it is pretty soothing when you're applying it onto your face. Unlike some mask which has strong perfume smell in it, that just gives me headache and a very uncomfortable experience.


I was expecting a very thick and mud-fied content from the 20 ml tub but it turns out to be pretty liquid-fied! I was pretty amazed at this myself till the extend to think that this 'mask' might not be a mask and this might not work as how they say it will *shifty eyes*


So I squeezed out a 20 cent's coin size onto my palm, to be applied onto my face. Unlike any other mask that takes probably around 20 minutes to dry, this takes only about 10 minutes(?) and you're good to wash it off already. Truth is, I did not read the behind part of the tub so I did not know how long should I leave it on my face. I would just wash off the/any mask as soon as I feel that it's all dried and feels tight on my face. *shifty eyes*

The outcome?
I feel that it's a bit dry for me but I can definitely see that I have a more 'clean&clear' sort of face texture and smaller pores! Wheee~ and my pimples are all totally gone after 2 days of using Natio's Clay & Plant Face Mask Purifier =D

This isn't a 'before and after' picture as I did not take a before because I thought that this mask wouldn't work on pimples and I was proven wrong =)

I really have very dry skin, as you can see from the pictures taken with my BlackBerry, thus the poor quality, so I thought of trying it on someone who has an oily skin. And that someone would be my own brother (LOL!)


He too, left it on for about 10 minutes or so and washed it off over a tap. He says that his face instantly feels refreshed and the black heads aren't that visible anymore. When the next morning arrives and we were getting ready for sports, he came up and told me "See, my face aren't oily today!" because he has a really oily face even though he just woke up.

Natio's Clay & Plant Face Mask Purifier will definitely has it's place on the shelves of my facial "thingies" and my brother has already finished up the rest of the 20ml tub! *stares* Time to get the large tub then! Teehee!
To know more about this product and where to get it, please do email me at agape_tori29@hotmail.com or ask me on my Facebook =)


FeeQ said...

So, when is my turn? XD

Victoria said...

FeeQ: Lol! Come larh, I let you try =) Then you write about it ah? Teehee!

Seraph said...

AHHH i feel a scrub coming onto my face soon HAHAHAA

Victoria said...

Seraph, zomg!! I can't believe that you just read my mind! Lol this SAturday! Lol =P
It's good for you bie and it's MASK not SCRUB!

Xiao Yue said...

Get to know your blog thru babe Jess after she posting on fb, I'm interested in trying out this product! ^^ I got pimples keep popping out on forehead :(

juli1202 said...

amazing! 1st time seeing liquid-fied mask! :)

ciawei said...

The texture is so watery than what I think too!!!

Nice to read yr blog, credit to Jess :)

Sunshine Kelly said...

is it suitable for dehydrated and sensitive skin

Isabel said...

Ooo.. Looks good =) Will keep an eye out for it

Victoria said...

Isabel: Yes, this product is really good and keeping an eye out for it is the best decision ever lol!

Sunshine: dehydrated as in dry skin? I don't really recommend to dry skin because I've got a dry skin and it does not really moisturize my skin at all. It turns out to be somewhat like Origin's Charcoal Mask, if you have ever tried it? It makes your skin really clean. Definitely suitable for sensitive skin though =)

CiaWei: yup, usually mask like that are what I like to say 'a clump' right? This is like milk mask weh lol! Continue reading my blog then =)

Juli1202: it's just a bit watery compared to what I expected =)

Xiao Yue: you should continue reading my blog then? =p And pimples on forehead this days are unamidable right?

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