Saturday, October 16, 2010

The Other Guys - Movie Review

Bam! Everyone should so give me a pat on my back because there are new things to read here, every day, yes, EVERY DAY. Because I have finally learnt how to schedule post wtf, just like how I finally know how to lock my BlackBerry's keypad after using it for 2 - 3 months(?). I can't even remember how long have I had my BlackBerry.

Since we are en route of how blur I am, all thanks to Jackie who asked "Hey are you going for 'The Other Guys's' movie screening tomorrow?" on a Monday night, then only I realized that I got the dates wrong. I thought it was on a Wednesday like how all the other movie screenings that I used to go to. So here I am once again, to thanks Josh Lim for his generosity at giving me tickets even when I did not do a pre-post(cause I'm lazy wtf)and not forgetting ze cute Jason Ong who gives me extra invites every time I asked of them *cries of joy* You both, ze awesome-ness! *hugs*

Woots, big ass invitation e-card cum e-poster from Adverlets larh, who else =P

This time, Samuel is/will/have/had/must/was/am/always (lol, choose one wtf) my date for the movie and I asked for extra invites because I want to bring my 'bodyguards' to the screening as well. Joking about the 'bodyguard' thing, they are actually friends that I wanna add 'BEST' in front of the word 'friend' and you will just 'LOL' at how the three of us meet each other and tadah... here we are today =)


The movie started off with Dwayne Johnson(a.k.a The Rock) and Samuel L.Jackson being the super police and were chasing after mild drug dealers and the total damaged made out of the police chase isn't that 'mild', yet the citizens still adores em'. Tell me who doesn't, with the body and the macho-ness lol wtf!

However, never did I expect them to be THAT blonde and to jump off a 20 story-height building with their last word, "Let's aim for the bushes!" and then jumped off the building where there isn't any bush at all! Don't say bush, I don't even see a dying leaf on the pavement of their city! Lol, I think they are too expensive to hire, so Director must make them die after a 10 minutes appearance lol wtf~

'When the top cops are busy, our only hope is The Other Guys'(or rather, DEAD =P)is what it's written on the poster of this movie because

Doing a negotiation using a ice cream truck's microphone

Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg are just plain, normal and day dreaming kind of police but when the two top cops(blondely)jumped to their death, both of 'the other guys' feels that there is a need for them to be THE heroes.


But they aren't the bestest of friends and things always seem to not work out for them. Along the road, they learnt that every thing is possible when 2 becomes 1.

The wrong arrest

Which eventually got them into so much trouble.
Overall, this is a must watch movie for all and it is a funny but action packed movie!


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