Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Jason Chan @ Brotzeit KL Malaysia

Jason Chan a.k.a WaLauWei on Twitter, by far is thecraziestmost frequent visitor to the 2 weeks old Brotzeit at Mid Valley Megamall. Claiming to have the most delicious pork knuckles in town at Brotzeit, Jason once again invited some of us over at his "crib" for some noms noms and loads of beer *rubs ze beer belly*

Do follow Jason Chan a.k.a WaLauWei on Twitter and experience it yourself, his obsession towards Brotzeit KL. Lol!

Being at Mid Valley wasn't my initial plan as I have promised Amelia to meet up with her and it has been such a long time since we've ever really sat down over a meal and just talk. About anything! =) And I do miss those time that wewastedspent together in college, either gossiping or commenting on just about everyone lol!

Amelia and I, at Brotzeit.

Had our dinner together first and talked a long long talk, to update each other on what each other are up to in our own lives. Now that we don't see each other that often anymore. And I'm happy for her and proud of what she managed to achieve in such short period of time.

Jason, Cherli and Ashley
(I din't go with them and this is Josh's picture but I wanna portray a 'going-to-Brotzeit' ambiance wtfwtfwtf hahahaha!!!)

Then we headed over to Brotzeit around 8-ish to meet up with the birthday boy, Jason. And he was already half way down his 3 litre pine of Paulaner, face all turned red and was talking nonsense like a real drunkard already!

All hyper and drunk punya Jason =P

Met some other new people/blogger as well and was surprised to see Shawn Khik there!

Caroline, *I don't know your name, sorry!* and Rebecca
That is Michelle's hand pointing at I-don't-know-what xD

There were so many beer, pork knuckles, pork ribs, cold platters, Paulaner, beer and many many more beers and food involved last night!


Love the desserts!! Had this like near 11, omgawd so sinful to the tummay! *dais*

To tell the truth, yesterday night was the first time in my whole entire life have I seen a 3 litre pine of beer. I think I nearly choked on my own puke while thinking about me having to down 3 litre of beer, all by myself! Ambulance, sil vous plait!!? xD

Some other guy beside our joint table, got treated to a 3 litre pine of Paulaner

We basically, was just chilling out, filling our stomach with nomsnoms and beers, taking and kena take WTF/selamba moment pictures, talk some more, Polaroid camera from Jason flashing all around and "giving birth" to baby Polaroid pictures wtf wtf *jay kay lannngg~*

OUMAIGAWD, I want a Polaroid camera! =(
Seriously kena poisoned kaw kaw on the thought of having one.

Cho kawaii nehhh~~
Josh's idea! Random much~ xD

Was there till around 11-ish and headed home, with tummy filled with Paulaner perisa banana(hahaha!!!)and all the other food *burps* Exscuzee moi~ =p
Had a group picture taken all together by Chef Helmut and it turned out great! As awesome as the night we had together =)


Thanks a lot to Leonard as well for the very good customer service provided and he is very hands-on too! Despite that he is the Boss of Brotzeit, he actually took out a cloth and a bottle of cleaners and was wiping away at tables! *muka impressed* So down-to-earth that it's almost unbelievable ~ =)

Hehehe~ Jason got so high that he practically did everything that we asked or did not ask him to do hahaha!!


*who randomly added me on BBM =P but it was all good*
Hope you had a blast last night despite being.. erm.. I don't even know whether are you drunk or just tipsy. Lol!

All pictures above credits to Josh Lim, you can find other pictures, here.


Nana Eddy said...

hey dropped by. looks like you had fun

WaLauWei said...


Some pics have to be censored wei!

Victoria said...

nana, yup I really did had my fun =)

WaLauWei, which pics?!

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