Monday, October 25, 2010

Just a Lil Update & Sea Monkeys

Bonjour, it's Monday again and after a long but eventful weekend, my Mondays seemed blue-r than ever and all I'm looking forward for are nonetheless, WEEKENDS. Epic win-ly, my weekdays are spent getting invited to events and planning them in order so that none clashes and that I can go to all because I'm kepoh like that wtf lol!

Woke up feeling all sick on my Friday, 22/10/2010 but then everything starts from then. The best weekend I would say =)

Hennessy Artistry's Media Launch @ MIECC, Mines
Lol! That is Jason Ong hiding and holding to the bubble talk, pictures with my tak malu Samantha Winchester babe! LOL!

Managed to go for the media launch despite having a tight schedule in the morning. Was really thankful for Jason Ong because he managed to F1 us there and I had a great time ber-camwhoring with every one though I was there an hour + late and all the line up are all done with their speech and some even went back already fml. Still I had the awesome-st fun day taking silly pictures =P
After event post on this will be up soon! It was fabulousness =P

Then it's Saturday,

Belanga @ Empire Shopping Mall, Subang

Went to Subang in the late Saturday afternoon because I was invited to a food review and to tell the truth, this is the first time I'm doing a food review and I don't really know exactly how but all I did was eat eat eat and I am a VERY picky eater but I ate and ate so that really does explains all, right? A review up on Belanga Cafe really soon, so stay tuned for more Kelantan dishes and names you've never(probably)heard of =)

On the same Saturday, it was Hennessy Artistry!

Hennessy Artistry, The Global Art of Mixing @ MIECC, Mines

This is crazy I tell you and just when I doubted MIECC, this place is freaking huge! It's like 2 football field in vertical. The amount of people that were there, awe struck me and being short isn't really much of a help but thanks to 4 inches and so on, I can see everything wtfwtf hahaha! As Samuel darling got his OFFICIAL PHOTOGRAPHER (no, the guy in the pic is not my Darl wtf)for the night, I was really really up close to the stage and hopefully baby gets really good shots and I will be doing a cover post, with pictures all credits to Samuel =)

Dropped dead tired as we reached home around 4 and slept only at around 6. We knew the time because the Azan was to be heard already and am still talking our heart off haha!!

Korean BBQ & Steamboat @ Seoul Garden, One Utama.

This is where my blog post will start as all the above are just to tell you what are the upcoming post that I will be doing because I need to wait for pictures to be uploaded and people to tag me the pictures so that everyone is in the post that I will be doing =) But too many friends weh, so if you don't see your face on my post event post, no worries, you're still my friend and I've probably talked to you anyways =D

The food there is awesome and with a tummy filled with Hennessy from the night before, I was so hungry I can eat 2 horse RAWRS! It's kinda true because when Samuel stopped eating, I was still there happily bbq-ing my Bulggolgi Chicken and fishing out what is still boiling in the steamboat soup hahaha! Had an awesome lunch with Samuel and his famille consisting of his elder sister and his mother =) thanks aunty for the awesome brunch *loves*

We were then all so bloated, we then went for a walk at One Utama and hehehe, I finally got what I wanted for so so so long at InQBox!

Does this looks familiar to ANYONE?

I chose a pink tank out of the rest of the blue and green one because I want to act girly and make Samuel look girly because I placed this tank at his house teehee wtf he loves me much!

I bought my Sea Monkey!! And no, I did not buy rubbish that costs me a hole in my purse and no, this is not RM80+ that you see in Toy R' Us because this only costs me RM18 at InQBox. I really really love InQBox because they sells all weird shit things there but I seldom find the need to buy things there because some aren't really worth the price =)

The things that came in the pink tank are, a big packet of Water Conditioning Powder, a capsule of my Sea Monkey eggs and a small Tupperware of Food for them, just like in the pictures below~

Water Conditioning Powder and Live Eggs(in a capsule wtf)

The Eggs in a capsule! Which Bie claims it to be plankton =.=
I shall hereby declare that this aren't planktons like the one in SpongeBob SquarePants RAWR!!!

The Food to feed the fellas.

Anyways, I left it at Samuel's place and all I ever did in our process of having 'babies' are just pouring in the conditioning powder and let it for 12 hours(yesla!need to wait for 12 hours before pouring in the eggs!). Samuel then poured in the eggs from the capsule at around 4ish to 5ish this morning. And supposingly, the fella will be seen swimming around after a good 3 - 4 hours in the water but Samuel saw none this morning at 730ish *sad face*

Really hope that there is something and I wasn't con of my RM18. Shall wait for Samuel to go back and tell me what can be seen in the tank now =)


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