Thursday, October 14, 2010

Of Hugo Boss & Sa Sa Fragrance Fair @ Sunway Pyramid Event - Pictures

Trying to update my blog daily now and this time it would be a compilation of pictures that has my face in it and I can recognize which one is which event based on the dress that I wore on that day, because I went to like 2 - 3 events in a day and if you do see me in another dress, that is because I lunged another big bag with 2/3 more different dresses in it and different pairs of shoes too! Lol, I'm crazy like that thank you very much =P

Us at Zouk's Hugo Boss Bottled

mmhhmmm =P

Feeq and his awesome fishlens and this is by far the worst food review place that I've went. So not going to blog about their freaking long queue for food, their kiam siap-ness on food, their biasness towards people they think they should serve and so on...

Sa Sa familia during our Sa Sa's Fragrance Fair at Sunway Pyramid

With Josh Lim

With my Beech, Kelvin who has me to most of the events. Thanks Hun~ *hugs*

Pictures all credit to Samuel Chew and Kelvin Lee and Feeq=)
This are actually pictures that they tagged me on Facebook and I thought it would be nice to be on my blog, so that 10 years down the road I can reread and look back on all my pictures =)


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