Friday, May 14, 2010

Nightmare On Elm Street

On the 11th of May, thanks to Adverlets, I get to watch Nightmare On Elm Street for free at Mid Valley! Coincidently the previous day, I was in the Boyfriend's car and I heard the advertisement done on the radio and i went "Ehhh I wanna watch this horror movie!". And I got an invitation from Xiang at night! Loves..

This movie started off with the first killing of the star named Dean, where he sat in a coffee shop, trying to stay awake. Coffee doesn't get to numbing the sleepiness and he found himself in the world of Freddy Krueger, Dean died slashing himself on the throat right in front of his school mate named Kris.

Elm Street looks nice and subtle during the daylight but it's dark secrets are revealed when the sun goes down and everybody is gonna turn into bed. Freddy gets into your dreams and he will nonchalantly start with his killing spree. For revenge.

After the deaths of Dean and Kris, Nancy and Quentin found out that this Freddy was actually their kindergarten's gardener who was very fond with kids of Dean's and Kris's class. Freddy did something to this children when they were younger, leaving long slashes on their bodies and bringing them to a place which secret to the world. This kids then went and told their parents and obviously, they were more than shocked to see what has this Freddy been up to.

As you Wikipedia Freddy Krueger, you will find that people say that he is a pedophile .LOL.

To protect their children, the whole village turned against Freddy Krueger and hunted him to the end of the barn where he went inside and hid and refused to come out. Quentin's dad, whom is the principle of the high school, made the worst choice and he flamed the barn up, leaving Freddy all burned to death.

10 years or so later, Freddy Krueger comes back into the life of this grown up kids he once loved but betrayed him, and kills them when they fall asleep. They were frequently taken back to their kindergarten and the skipping rope rhyme

One, two, Freddy's coming for you,
Three, four, better lock your door,
Five, six, grab your crucifix,
Seven, eight, better stay up late,
Nine, ten, never sleep again.

were portrayed. I love that scene, it's just eerie. The rest of the scene were either gory or spooky.

I know I have been much a spoiler to those that have not watch this movie but I rate it 8/10 cause I'm a sucka for horror movies, I get scared and spooked easily =p



Anonymous said...

niaaaa....i kena tipu go watch..walao weh...scary...whole movie hiding only..waste money=.="


Victoria said...

Hahahahahahahah yong en! u din't know that this is a horror movie??? LOL And how did you knw that I changed my blog url ar? LOL

Anonymous said...

==" i duno fren tipu me in de..nia...

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