Monday, April 26, 2010

Gatsby Turns to Deodorant

Approximately 3 weeks ago, Nuffnang invited most bloggers for a mass gathering sponsored by Gatsby and the "so called" theme was "The Largest Blogger Gathering" and was said that this event is to be recorded into the World Book of Records. Hmmm~

We were asked to be there by 10a.m but the registration was not opened for us till late 10.10a.m or so and it was pretty much a messed up line cause no one knows where they need line up...Guidance was not clear enough as the tag was set up right in front of the table and not somewhere up high where everyone can see where they need to go.

Stuck like this aimlessly for a good 30minutes or so.
Everyone started to sweat and all the body odor mania LOL

Then they announced that they will be closing the signature session that will entitle us to get RM50 in like 5 minutes when there were still like 6 people ahead of me who just either forgets their blog URL or they have a whole bullshit stuffs to ask *rolls eyes*. And I was a bit panicky cause it's the money that got me all motivated to wake up at 8.30a.m on a SATURDAY!

The RM50 is all settled in my account now and we were asked to change to the Gatsby Red Tee which signifies all the bloggers. And the changing room are just built up canvases but it was separated, men and women. There were quite a few of Malay lady bloggers who weren't very comfortable with this arrangement and er, I got no comments cause I am not as holy as them wtf.

All of us bloggers in our Ang Ang Annnnggg (red) Tees, waiting for our cue to take pictures the "Blogger's Way", "Gatsby Way" and last but not least, the "World Book Record Way".
Which resulted to not much differences with the picture above.

And hey, Dusty is in action!

And we are free to roam around to play games at booths that were set up and all games are themed Gatsby =) I find some very interesting as I have never see any of such games at carnivals that I have attended. Obviously I am not attending enough of carnivals wtf.
So me and Boyfy tried our hands on a few games and we got bored. Due to the weather and also that we need to wait for our turns to play games and earn points. Which is rather useless to me.

I like this but I did not get to try cause apparently in the email, we are told to not wear skirts and heels and I just can't be an arse and I did not read it wtf.
Cause I just did the opposite! So no lasak games for me!

Changing Tyres in the fastest time and yes, I am not obliged to play this

I think she need to collect the red colored ones with bending down and I saw that they red colored cubes just wouldn't float up and yes, I can't play this as well =(

LOL A very candid picture that Samuel took of this girl who were taking care of the booth and I played this game and I suck! T_T

"Aiya,you all cannot get it into the colored bowls one la" expression taken by Samuel of the Uncle!
I tried this and it is hard. Cause its pingpong balls and it bounces from one bowl to another. How frustrating. I played one round and gave up wtf.

Then I got attracted to this Ride The Bull game and I saw a girl went like berserk on the bull wtf. Maruah tercalar hahah wtf wtf...
We went one round and then we got bored, so we sat down with Shaz and other bloggers(duhh).

LOL See my dumb dumb doing the Night Fury smile.
Wheee, I own a Night Fury and Im gonna train him wtf wtf HAHAHAHAHAHA!!

And then Shaz got a bit too over protective of his monkey wtf. Let me show you a series of pictures which I bullied his Monkey and he being over protective and Samuel took all the pictures LOL..

Showing off his monkey

And I hit it with my Kipas Sakti wtf which everyone has

The monkey turned around and this caught Shaz's attention towards me

And he "OIII" me and got all protective over the monkey.

I did something funny and Shaz went =D

Overall, I don't enjoy myself a lot. It's just the company of all the blogger friends that made the day. Awfully long cause I want to show the pictures LOL. Okay bye la I go study now. Therapeutic sial, memblogging ini~ =p
All pictures credit to my Night Fury


kenwooi said...

cool you got to go.. too bad im not living in KL.. =)

Victor Tan said...

wanted to go, but I was kinda engaged. My old friend Cayenne still managed to go there though she's busy somemore. lols

Victoria said...

Ken:: Where are you staying?
Victor:: LOL sorry but I duno who is Cayenne and I am sure loads of other bloggers were there as well but mostly malays~Hmm

wen pink said...

it was nice meeting u again tat night babe!! :)

Victoria said...

WenPink:: Yesyessss!! And you looked hip with the hat~ LOL trying to be b-girl ka??

Aidi-Safuan said...

huhu...why update so late la? :)

C.Kiddo said...

Night Fury? LOL!!!! Sunburn Night Fury!!! Wakakakaka!!!

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