Thursday, June 12, 2008


Thursday is always the day that i always look forward to because:
1)class ends early(8 - 12)only=)
2)the next day which is friday,i am free from attending any class!!=D
I or rather WE~~(my coursework group members)were suppose to pay a visit to the so call "well-known" Museum Orang Asli that(according to our HE teacher)is very near and very easy to find and it is a tourist attraction whereby taking any means of transportation (taxi~to EMPHASIZE)will be able to bring us there and back.Of course we,i meant ME~idiotly believe her and planned for the visitation.
So after today's last class,we went out to take a cab and wasn't worried at all to go there(although all of us dun't know where the tut it is)and tahan-ded a cab lur~

Me:Encik tau mana musium orang asli?
Driver:....mana tu??takpe..takpe..naik la~
Me:Encik betul betul tahu ke??sebab kitorang tak tahu...
Driver:Korang tak tahu ke??saya lagi la tak tahu!!!
Me:*pissed off and slam the door*
I was like"wat the heck was that about??"so we thought that guy was a new driver la and was forgiven(by me~)and tahan-ded our 2nd cab.This time the guy just raise his hands indicating that hz not taking any passenger for that moment.Then the driver which i 1st spoke to went and ask him the dun't-want-passenger driver whether he noes the way to our destination or not lur~Unknowingly,the 2nd driver was a chinese and we had a conversation:
2nd Driver:lei dei chou meh yu hui gor dou??
(why do u all wna go there for?)
Me:ghor dei yu hui gor dou ying wai ghor dei yu wan zhi liu for assignment.
(we wna go thr cuz we nidta find some info 4 our assignments)
2nd Driver:lei dei zhi mm zhi dou gor dou ho yap geh??gor dou ho gan nan tap taxi gar!!yau yun leh!!mo meh yan hui gor dou gar!!
(do you all noe that it is very deep into gombak area and it is hard to get transportation cuz seldaom people go there and it is very far away!!)
Me:hou yap geh meh??lou shi lou dim ghor dei a,kong ho kan jie~~mm shai do assignment lur~~
(are you sure it is very far??teacher bullshitting a to the faq that it is very near!dunidta do the assignment lur~~)
That is abit of our conversation and at last we ended up at the library intended and wish that there are enough info for us to do this assignment but we found nothing and the workers there are as lazy as a pig and were far more than willing to help us to find for the books of that particular subject!!Pissed off habis habis!!

Crap betul!!Our nation's transportation so "efficient".
Then,went back home with zhi han and bin bin,zhi han till KL Sentral and the other till i reach Serdang.Waited for another 15 minutes at that weird and hulu place for the tut~T411!!Reach home around 4.45p.m,bodd was sticky like shit due to excessive sweating and was looking forward to have a nice and long and cooling shower~

How i wish this is my shower room!!=P
Then my aunt called and we talk for another 30minutes and then only then i can go take my luxurious shower!!Hhahahaha!!Ended my day here,blogging and..and...and....
Wait for more of me tomorrow,ok??Chiowz!=)


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