Friday, June 27, 2008

Today No Class But Still Busy xp

Today is a class free day for me!Was suppose to say "YESSS!!"but NEH~~not in the mood to say that!Ha ha~Yesterday i did not go online and so i did not blog.
Went to school and all and yesterday class was till 12.00p.m and reach house around 1.30p.m and it was quite fast already for me who takes the Kuala Lumpur's public transportations.When reached home,went online for awhile to check my emails and all and then headed off to a NAP~~pay attention~~NAP~that time was around 4 and i ended up waking around 8 and just in time for my dinner.Then after dinner(dunt think the food got time to digest also)i went back to sleep!!Ha ha xp Even while eating it was like a dream to me as i just ate what was given to me and at the quickest speed too!!Lolz!!To the very end point,I SLEPT LIKE I HAVE NEVER SLEPT BEFORE IN MY 18 YEARS OF LIFE!!
No rest for me thou even it was my no class day.My mum took the day off saying to rest and she herself did not have the chance to rest too!!Does this runs in the blood??!!Ha ha ha~~went to get a teeth checkup at the dentistry and ended up waited for 30minutes and did not get to do my pasting because today was only for extraction day!I was like"whadda crap!!" Then went back and my mum said"Letz go to the pasar to get some pork meat!" and i was like "Owh~~what ever lur~if i say no you will still go mur~no point asking me also!" And so we went and was nagged all the way there and back for being so do not know what to say!!Ha ha~Then went back and ate my delicious tau fu fah!Mmm~PERFECTO!!Ha ha~Then went into sleeping again and slept and overslept!Ha ha~and was suppose to go to Yutha's there for lunch but was in such a bad mood that i decided to not go!SORRY YUTHA!!Then sleep some more(cuz too bad mood and dun feel like seeing the world!xp)And then woke up and felt hungry and my mum fried some keropok lekor for me to eat!!HAhaha~Yummy but going to have sore throat now(the feeling is there!!)Then read newspaper(my life is so boring rite??!!)and then eat some more and then continue eating and then slice up the honeydew and then eat some more and then rest and then eat some more~~and this continues from 4 to 6!!Lolz!!I can really do "alot of stuffs" when i am at home!!Ahahahaha~~I totally neglected my studies today and i can feel that i am getting more and more stupid!!Ahahahahah~~(damn!im so nerdy!!)But i like to just sit there and to hold a book in hand and to study without anyone disturbing me and it is so calm and there is why i can calm down and find peace!And if they do offer a job that only requires you to sit there and study and with a high pay,I WILL SURELY TAKE UP THAT JOB LUR!!I am so~nerdy!!Ha ha~
Anyway,tomorrow is my ex-secondary school carnival and really looking forward to it for some hard core fun with my friends and those psycho teachers!!Lolz~~
Well,thatz all for today!Chiowz~


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