Wednesday, June 25, 2008

What Do I Do??

What do you all do when you found out that the one that has always been the white sheep suddenly change it's skin and have this desire to become a black sheep???To make things worse,this particular person is of your own blood!!
Found out clearly about some shocking stuffs that i have been pondering about for the last few months.I did not really cared about it as i thought it was just one of my jealousy side taking over me.Found out that my brother changed alot and i mean ALOT!!He was the goody goody type of child and would not even dare to hide a speck of dust without my mum knowing it!
He lied!To my mum!And me accidentally found out about this ain't knowing what to do!!If i tell my mum,then she would be damn upset and if i keep quiet,this will make the condition worse and he would be more bad than he is now!haiz~~no modd to blog lur~thatz all lur~chiowz!
*in a very very down and confusing mood*


VivianNg said...

Hey Vic. =]
Dont worry so much k..uphold it all to God. love you my fren

ViCkY@Victoria said...

hihi,thx sugarpie!anyway,i told my mum bout him and he kena-ed frm my mum la.apparently he feels ashamed that everytime my mum go and take the report card,my mum will start to soun d him and all when he doesnt reached or get what my mum expected!luckily ntg serious and i gt so uptight for some smallies!hihi~xp

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