Saturday, June 14, 2008

A Hectic Day !! +p

I do not have class today and thought i would have a day all by myself to reat and to do my coursework and hoping it would all(at least 50%) be done. But that was only a wish!Lolz! As my mum had planned early of this week, she would take a leave to bring me to the Agro Bank to close down my account with the bank that i had to open for my NS income.

This is the building that i have been lingering around for the whole day this morning.
For those frogs under coconut shell(u noe what i meant),this bank has change it's name to Agro Bank.
Early on was suppose to go to the dentistry for teeth checkup and later on was canceled due to the over flowing of people waiting for their turn to have their teeth check.

Alway remember this code,people!!haha!!It is very healthy(btw,ure suppose too)to have your teeth check up every 6 months once to ensure that you have healthy teeth and to own a confident smile!(now i sound like im promoting dentistry!!)LOLZ!!
Later in the afternoon,went for a sumptuous lunch which is Pizza Hut~~!!

Now ure wishing that ure me rite??Lolz!!
At night,we had Mac Donald for dinner!!=D it was like a fast food spree for me today(im trying to ignore the calories that i pound onT.T)Hahaha!!

this is just a pix,k??im unable to finish all this up by myself!!
And now i am here in the wee hours blogging about what i did on Friday morning and i am unable to sleep and my eyes are still wide awake due to the most evil drink ever existed in this world and that is~~~COFFEE!!Never love it and had it before,well,not till NOW~It is terpaksa,ok!!If not because of this evil beverage, i would be banging my head on the desk everytime i try to study.(im freaking tired la,k??!)

Love the designs that they do with coffee but hate the taste of it!!
It is so creative of them to even do arts with COFFEE~!!Cant believe it=P
Anyway,got to chiow now!!Bye and God bless all of you!!


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