Tuesday, June 10, 2008

My NS's 2nd Homecoming=D

I was so busy that i forgot to post about my 2nd returning to the NS campsite for their closing ceremony.Actually what we expected to happen and expected to do was totally out and neither of the expected one happen.Well,of course we did reach to the camp sound and safely but for just a mere 2-3 hours stay and my friend came up with a brilliant idea and that is to drive to Genting Highlands(duno just for fun or wat lar~)so i just followed(if not i got no transport to go back kayelle~)

Took a pix of this while on the way to camp site(cuz wuliao~=p)but on our way there along the Behrang road,sceneries that cant be found in kayelle really awed me and every single time i pass through that place(not gna have that chance ny more)

Was actually tring to take a pix of that tree cuz it look so nice and itz so lushy and it is actually full of golden(duno which la~)flowers/leaves.And it was a bright yellow but this pix did not enhance what we saw on that day(oh well~)Lolz!!

This is our driver!!HAHA~he drove the whole day la~and it was so sweet of him to offer to fetch us and to drive us to the ns camp site eventhough the petrol increase like tut~~

This~~trying guessing who is this la~haiz~letz forget bout this one(not important!haha~)

This is where we stayed for the last 1 and a half months~(they did water confidence in that muddy pool~)i was safe from that and i did not do my part of water confidence cuz we were given a holliday dyring that period of time.(pheeww~)

Took a pix with Cikgu Hasbulah with say woon,peggy(thatz me beside the teacher)and with say kee=) Fondest memory!!
There are for me to blog actually but i am too lazy for that and it wasn't anything special that day and the events that they held that day was exactly the same thing that we had for our Hari Terbuka!Crap!So,i think this will be the last time ever i will blog about my experiences in camp,during out of camp and when returning to the camp.
Overall,no doubt it was a crappy camp with no purpose and they make us stay at that crappy dorm with no proper fixtures and fixing,not forgetting also their wonderfully cooked meals...nevertheless,we enjoyed making new friends and we were able and was given a chance to know more about their background since everyone came from differ places in Malaysia(except for 1 frm Singapore lur~=p) In a way,it also make us realise that we are really taking for granted for everything that our family members especially
our parents had provided for us!
But i seriously go against the continuation of this program as it is a waste of time and you will never know what will happen to you cuz death does not happen with a warning!!



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