Monday, June 30, 2008

Reality Check, GUYS!!!And me~

Yeah!!Was very happy to hear that the Euro Cup has finally over very early this morning in the radio and was obviously thrilled to hear that Spain has won the championship(my fav among all mur).3 shouts of joy for the Spain team who hasn't won any championship for the last 44 years!Well, this shows that they have been working their asses off and now they can rest and dwell in the victory that they so ever deserve~
To guys, it will be like "what am i going to do with my life now since Euro is over!!No meaning in life when Euro is over!" To girls, it will be like "yes!that darn Euro championship that has make my husband/boyfriend ignored my existence for the whole month has finally ended!But on the not so bright side, i need to do less shopping since my partner are now over the spell."Okok~let's get the fever over with and congratulations to Spain!Party hard hunks~xp
Yes~reality check to me again as today is yet another busy and tiring Monday with lots of piled up yet undiscovered homeworks and assignments!Was super duper sleepy while studying just now and went and took a short nap and woke up feeling dizzy and ended up here...In front of the computer...blogging bout my day~*snicker* Nothing really special today except that i went for 2 BITA lecture class today and this is due to i have nothing to do so we went and invade other people's class and study(or rather curi pengetahuan)together with them.Later on i found that their class's teacher teaches way better than my own teacher so we decided to continue invading their class till end of semester(dun't know whether it's legal or not xp)!Also notice that the class that we invade have more friendlier people than the people of my own course(how pathetic!)but i careless about them lur because they are all about showing off and being a jerk and i do not need jerks as friends!Saw a number of people dressed up formally for their part of presentation too and was kind off freaked out when the thought that i need to do that too!T.T i have not any suitable clothes and shoes yet(of course,importantly,my presentation stuffs!) and it is only 2 weeks away!Whadda~~
Felt kind of lonely this days,and the thought of longing a companion is so strong but another part of me aren't ready to accept a new start of relationship and would love to concentrate on my 4 years of studying. It is really hard to be with a guy without your mother's knowing and it seems so unfair to the other partner too~My mum's law is that i can have a boyfriend after my college!Lolz~Whatevf!!Lolz!!haiz~really WHATEVF~
Got nothing to blog about lur and yea~i am in a quest of job so anyone who had good job offers please notify me as i really really need it~thx~


VivianNg said...

haha yalar. go sneak in to my BITA lecture class..naughty naughty. lol.

ViCkY@Victoria said...

haha~ure bita class got alot of lengzai lur~and alot of my fwenz there lur!actually i enjoy there more than my own class cuz my class ppl all very kayu wan and no lengzai at all but got 4 dai pig!!hahahah

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