Tuesday, June 24, 2008

For The Past 3 Days!

Did not blog for the past three days is with a good reason and that is the never ending assignments!xD You probably figure out that i am done with the recent assignments to have time to blog now=P The damn troublesome assignments that has been bugging me and making me look like a panda now is the Hubungan Etnik.Let me start blogging my last three starting from saturday till today.
As usual,woke up early in the morning and accompanied my mum to the pasar to get some grocery for the next two days.And suprisingly,met someone that would be last on my list to meet at the wet market and that is YUN QI!Yup,that tall clumsy guy was there helping his mum with those heavy groceries.When they was buying some nasi lemak(for his breakfast.i presume),the lady selling the nasi lemak commented on my friend for his height and even claimed that he must be a model!!Wuahahaha!!I think that lady need to find someone good to have her eyes check and it should be a thorough checkup!!C'mon lur~he is tall but with like TONS and TONS of fatSS~(that lady must have thought that they would buy more if she polish their shoes)but at the end,they bought A tiny and barely there nasi lemak. Later on,had my breakfast and lunch and all,was all set at the study table and studied the whole day as it was tests the nex week(it is this week ,mind you).Later on at nite,busied myself with that wonderful assignment till the wee hours!
Went to church early in the morning and the sermon that day was really good as it really pierce through my heart and felt like it was preached especially for me!Well, God is really great and He knows when and why You need Him and He will always preparED a path that is righteous in His sight for us.Later after service ended,went for branch with mum,bro,and aunty.We went to this(darn it,i forgot the name)but it is somewhere near to the new(kinda of)sports complex nearby Connaught.The food there are superb and would definitely recommend it to all of you!Great price(not affected by the petrol increased wan)comes with great stuffs,i will say and describe that place!!Definitely on my list to go when i am craving for food!Later in the afternoon,went for a dance class and i actually rot my moves already due to lack of practice!WATEVF~Lolz!
Had class at 10 today but still left the house around 7 and was not expecting a massive jam but it occured somehow or rather!*chuckles*As usual went to the Kl Sentral to get to my college and was overwhelmed by the crowd!You cant never imagine how crowded it was and all i could say that the amount of people today could really stand a chance to beat those crowds at Planet Shakers concert!!Wuahaha~not exaggerating and all but it seems like it lur~Never saw such huge crowd before at a transportation area(those angmo lang must have scared to death!)
When we finally had the chance to be at the platform,i,waited for 7 turns!!7 TURNS!!Before i am able to board it!!UNBELIEVABLE!!But believe it!
Was darn chissed and pissed off(obviously)and let out the anger on a friend!(ooppss~~sorry)Later on,went to classes and all and was feeling kinda cheeky and went and sat behind just to have a look whether are they any handsome guys and pretty gurls in our course and class!Lolz!!That was fun,although today's survey confirm that they are none of such other than us in our class!!(other than us~got that??WAKAKA!SELFPROUD!)
Went back with lrt again when class ended and i saw i guy scratching his ass in the train!!EEYEW~DOUBLE EEYEW~@@ and told my friend to take a pix of it but were unable due to the flash that might alert everyone that is in the same bunk with us!But we had a great laugh at the train today due to the public ass scratching!~Lolz~Lmao~xp

That is what had happened in my last three days and although those are nothing special for most of you but every second and minute of my day are memorandum for me because we will never know how long we will live and you will never even know what will happen to us this very minute!So...'LIVE AND LIVE LIFE' everyone!!


Samantha Chow said...

u always take ktm? which route? i take from setia jaya to kl sentral to serdang every fri afternoon...if ur the same route then i can cya there loh hehe

Victoria said...

i dunt have class on fridays lur~haha!!but we dunt nidta meet at the train station by fate wan mer~u can awiz ajak me to yum cha and stuff mer!Lolz!im free on fridays to sunday.not sunday morning la~church~haha

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