Sunday, June 29, 2008

My Not So Sunny Sunday.

Do not get me wrong!I had a great day today,full of events and not just staying at house either sleeping or studying(as i always do).But today was not a sunny day at all!Started to drizzle as early as 8a.m in the morning.
As usual,went to church early this morning and was so looking forward to be at church because this is my first time of serving in the King's Kids after i had left it for well around 3 months due to National Service and my preparation for college.Was overjoyed when i received a message yesterday from Sis.Ooi Kuan regarding me being on duty back!!Was over the roof top to the thought that i will be playing with those marvelous yet cute sugar pies from the toddler department!Saw Victoria's(yes~a baby gurl with the same name as mine,also as cute as me!!xp) baby sister and was also as cute as her and her name was Valerie!What a nice name for a cute baby like her!Really,she was very adorable because she kept on giggling and smiling and snickering away and did not even cry or sniffle when i carried her(fyi:i was a total stranger to her!)!She is such a babe!Victoria was like that too when she was younger and Valerie reminds me of me when i was her age!xp Maybe the thrice of us has some kind of a bond!!!Lolz~Real darn cutie babes!!
Then i met this new comer baby and his name was Darren and he is a mix of Philippines and Chinese and he was so handsome(imagine what a killer he would when he grew up!!)*snicker*Darren had this twinkle in his big black pearly eyes when he looks at you or when he pays attention to you!So cute!*awwwhh~*Later on went for our breakfast at the 118 restaurant nearby Connaught and the food there are superb!*slurrpp*
Then around 4.30p.m,me and my mum went to Leisure Mall for a reason.This is because we do not go to Leisure Mall for no reason as it was too boring and too many people there.My brother had his World Judo Championship there!!He was there as early as 8a.m and stayed right till the end which is around 8p.m(a whole day there!)Nevertheless,he won 3rd place out of 4 placing in the under 15 and 45-50 kilograms title.Not bad for a newbie thou and for a person that has never been interested in martial arts!!I had promised myself that for the next semester,if i am allowed to stay out,i will continue my Taekwondo or take up Jujitsu or Kung Fu!Hell yeah~I am so into martial arts!!Was kind of proud of my brother for (at least) winning a medal for his first time competition!Well done there!!=)
Tomorrow is yet again Monday!Urggh~Hectic-ness begins and a day of no rest and rushing here and there like mad!!All this for a Diploma??!!Hell yeah!I will work for that by God's grace and mercy,He will give me strength!Ok~time to chiowz now!God Bless You all!


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