Sunday, June 15, 2008

I am SICK & TIRED of it !!! x(

For the past few days, i had been working on our coursework about the existence of ethnic groups in Malaysia.I offered to do all the writing and researching on this task and only ask my friend to type it all over again because i ain't good at that and now i am having abit of regret-sion on my offer because it is very hard to find the info and to translate them back into malay and no plagrising is some other factors that make this coursework a pain in the ass!!(im a perfectionist and that is why i offer to do it all cuz i wan it to look good and informative and not some work on some paper)
Was kind of proud of my achievement today and that is 'I HAD STUDY FOR 6 STRAIGHT HOURS TODAY!' wOHooo~~well,at least i am now freakingly sure that nothing in Microeconomics will make me blur when we are gonna have our week5 coursework test!I have all this energy to study is due to the cuppa that i had since last night!What a strong caffeine they had in coffee!=P
By the way,wasn't asleep till 3 something and was like this @.@ when the next day arrive!

Isn't that adorable?!!But this is how i look like this morning!!!=P
Nothing special today~Every saturday is the same old routine,mum cleaning up the whole house and it is now spick and span!!Not a single dust to be seen!=D

To my house!!~~=P

Our clean house motto!(juz joking~=P found it on the net!)

My dreams house!!This house i s so worth and comfy to lie in!!
Just adore the lawn!=D
Think that's it for now and today, Jone hasn't reply me yet so i guess i had to leave the murut etnhnic with no tradisional delicacies!
Haiz~God Bless You=)


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