Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Hilariously Funny!

Today while waiting for my morning class to start,so was waiting in the canteen 2 where all the TARC-ians will need to pass by if they enter by the main gate.And during this time,we will be expecting a lot of people wearing office wear or they called it formal wear due to the presentation thing.We have seen people with weird office wear that either doesn't suit them or they look too big/small in it/old/mature in it~But till today what i suddenly saw is the winner of all lur i would say and do you know why??I saw someone so semangat and he wore NATIONAL SERVICE'S BAJU CLASS to college!!Lolz~~Everyone who was in the canteen was practically talking bad about that poor guy that....i seriously don't know why he wore that and i seriously don't know how the lecturer reacted when she saw the semangat-ness in him!Lolz~That guy really lightens up my day today(felt lucky that his not my friend~)Ha ha *cheeky-ness*
Today was shock(but not scare)when the English class teacher said that she will start doing the Eng coursework today and without notice also and they make up their mind to draw lotz to see who goes 1st.Then the girl that i dislike so much was coughing like her lungs are going to jump right off(who was also the one to suggest draw lotz)was to present today despite her cough-ness.Then i think the teacher pitied her or what and teacher suddenly change her mind to let her group off for the day and to push my group up to present for the day!Well,there goes my ding dongs la~I cant stand the nonsense of drawing lotz but do not implement it lur~so i was all out today to defend that we are not going to present for today and all by saying it is not fair and all and whatz the use of the lotz that have been drawn if it is not implemented!!I was so all out because she was the one who said it out loud to use draw lotz so that it would be fair and all(yea~whatever Miss Righteouss,Miss Know-It-All~Miss Fat-Like-Pig!!)Then ended up she doing her "Oh~i am so sick" face all while she is presenting.Hish~hated her la for being so xc~
Then we waited at the DK4 for our next class.Then we really went crazy there teasing each other and all.Fion,the girl who i recogn to be the prettiest in our class,looks like she had just pee-ed every place that she goes!*giggle*At 1st,she got this pee-look-alike water stain right on her lap so that make it look like peeing from Jason(i don't know how he does that la~)then when the thing were about to dry,she kena again from her best buddie and this time it was all over her pants and she swore that she's not going to wear long pants to college anymore!!Ha ha~Lolz~
Then those guys kept on teasing Zhe Han who is famous for his gay-ish body posture and well defined breast!!(he claims it to be well-defined*puke*)Doing all sorts of posture and you know what i mean!!Lolz~Abd this dumb-ass went crazy and took my shoes off and tend to throw it away.At 1st,i was cool with it because was just having fun mur~then i got really pissed off when he really went overboard when he ask me to do a stupid posture then only i can claim back my shoe!I really really blasted him off with all the foul language that i know whether it is in Hokkien,Mandarin,Cantonese,English or Bahasa all came out!!Shit him really~Was never this pissed off since i left secondary school!Thanks to him i commit a lot of sins today by scolding all those bad words!
Then ME class started and ended in the blink of an eye and the real bore-ness was so vivid when it came to HE lecture!This lengzai(William) sitting beside me was so darn funny as he kept on falling asleep don't care whether he just pop a sweet into his mouth or just finish eating a big meal in lecture hall!One minute you hear him talking and the next minute,he's asleep!!Lolz~Lmao~Then i kept poking him in his face and he's face kept turning red!!Ha ha ha~(ashamed than dun't fall asleep la~)Lolz~Then thanks to the cute girl in class,i do not need to carpool with that Miss-I-Am-So-Fantastic to the lrt station!
Haiz~first thing in the morning tomorrow will be Business Stats lecture


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