Tuesday, July 8, 2008

A Rojak Day~

Today was such a chilly day.It started to rain heavily as early as....I forgot the time but i am sure it is before 7a.m,Yeah~And i only realized it was raining heavily outside when i was nearly freeze to dead in the train.Got caught in the rain and with the aid of an umbrella,still i got bit wet and now am hoping that i would not get sick!
English class is always a waste of time so did my Microeconomics homework there with the help of Amelia,and at last i got the chapter ELASTICITY which needed lot of memorizing of the formulas!!
Then,i forgot to bring my Introduction To Accounting notes to lecture and was so darn blur with what she had thought and what's worse...it is going to come out in the test!!So DEAD~
Later on went and had our lunch and again Amelia was being sound for wastages of food!!Pity her~And they always use her "Beautiful Ass" topic to make fun of her!!Lolz~
Today really had the crack of the day when we was bad-mouthing SOMEONE about...HA HA~Don't want to blog about it la just in case SHE saw this then i am so dead meat!!We overdone it i think when the librarian came into the study room and shushed us!!So freaking malu!!So we cooled down and chilled but continue giggling like nobody's business!Almost skipped BS and did not at the end because Amelia want to be good girl!*PUKE*=p
Later on had BS class and went home!HAHA~i am lazy to blog!!thatz all now,BYE!

jesus love you and i love you too


VivianNg said...

And i love u too!!!!! hehe
Eh..yesterday in the library not ur group only noisy. my group also damn noisy. Haha. I laugh like nobody's business only. LOL
anyway, who is the girl you all bad-mouthing about eh?
haha.i very kepoh..wana know. lol.

ViCkY@Victoria said...

hahaha~but we laugh to loud dy lur till the human(librarian)came inside and shush us~huahaha~~her name is evane~hm~il show her to you when there a change!!ok?

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