Monday, July 21, 2008

A Quikie O f My Life.

I did not work today and took the day off because i(partly)i miss my church,i miss my friends but most importantly my mum told me that on that particular day,our church had invited Juwita Suwito to our church for a performance.I was told that she is going to perform only for one service and that was during the 10 o'clock service at the Nexgen meet.I was very doubtful at 1st at the thought that why would the church invite such an important guest and only meant it for the Nexgen-ners~But anyhow,i went through it all to get a permission for the day off and was granted because i LOVE Juwita!!Unfortunately,she was assigned to sing for the 12.30 service and i was darn tired that day to stay back for 2 service as i am going to have my exam the other day(which is another reason for the leave!)
So went back home with a bit of disappointment but nevertheless i manage to take a picture with my fav M'sia artiste.Wohoo~~But the picture is still with Sarah!!And the best thing of all,Juwita asked for my name and asked me usually which service do i go to.I was obviously thrilled to be talking with my fav artiste eventhough it was some normal-everybody-would-ask question!!Ha ha ha~when it is asked by the Suwito-es,then there is a BIG DIFFERENCE!! Lolz~~Later on studied for my BITA mid-term test in which i lock myself in the room for 4 hours of solid study and manage to finish up 5 chapters in that mere 4 hours.And as usual went online lur and talk to that meanie!!Hope ure reading this meanie!!Blek~~XP

As usual,was stuck at he Lrt station for well around half an hour and was squashed like sardine but i will not go into detail of what i have experience today in that stupid cramped up Lrt!!It was too horrifying for me as i did not know what the hell was actually happening!!Whatever!!~~
While i was half way,i saw her(Miss-oh-too-wonderfull)and i was so good today to offer her to come and sit right next beside me(coincidently the guy beside me went down when i spoted her!)haiz~don't know whether to say that that was a double bad luck or a good luck!*sigh*
Went into class and was cut marks by the BITA teacher for not completing my homework and i seriously don't know whether i should be blame for that since i work through the whole entire weekend and i had spent all my time on the revision!Oh well~i only have -2 point now!!How funny to hear that myself!!Lolz~~Later on continued with my classes and the usual routine carries on and here i am blogging and no one to msn with because that meanie ain't here and not online.Probably he is sick??Lost in his own country again??Playing combat like a kiddo??ha ha ha~whatever that he is doing now,that is my meanie Aussie mate!!

Jesus love you and i love you too.


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