Sunday, July 27, 2008

Japan~A Place Where I Want To Be Now!

Huh~at last,the weekends ended and it was not a nice one for me to conclude so i will leave all the details except that i manage to sell another of my RM388.00 product!!Wohoo~a round of applause for me!!*Lolz*
Today was darn tired as i was not feeling well due to the rain the other night.And from this kind of mood reminds me back to Japan!*sob*I miss sakura season~I miss Harajuku street,I miss superb Sushi-es,I miss street that are full of Sakuras and~I miss Japan!!It is so hectic here and the weather is a bother to me and often makes me sick*T.T* I really needed some serenity and not buildings and stones in my face all day long!So i went online to get Japan's new sakura photoes and there are blooming white this year!!Owh~How lovely and pure!!And i don't get to enjoy is personally!

Those picnicking picnicker are really making me so darn jealous!!It is so pure to see this season's sakura which is white in color!So rare!
How i wish i could freaking be there right now and collect those Kirei Hana to bring it back to Malaysia and i could turn it into a bookmark or something!
The bottom line is~I freakingly need a time out and a breakaway!!
Oh God!Please provide me the time and financially to have and fulfill such an ambitious dream!
Have exams next week!!What the~and i am not prepared!Too darn tired la~
With God's grace...I WILL SUCCEED!!=)

Jesus love you and i love you too.


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