Sunday, July 6, 2008

What a Waste Of Time!

I was spending my two whole day(when i online)playing Maple Story.Yea~i know that was a very old game and would be childish for some but i am having fun with it because not much to use brain!Wuahaha~not that i dun't have it,it's just that i am not bother to crack my head over some online games!
It is really a waste of time playing that and you will get kind off addicted to it because you want to level up at a more faster rate,so i neglected my revisions!Ha ha~what a lame excuse!Was suppose to study on my off days and i spent the entire whole Friday online by playing that addictive game and not forgetting soap dramas(u just cant resist korean drama!).Was doing that the whole that the whole day.Today is a no way i can study day because when my mother is at house i can't get a moment for myself and i would be busied by her asking me to clean this and to clean that!Whatever!!~
Nothing much to blog tonight~And i am missing my NS peeps~yea,thatz how i feel right now and there are mosquitoes biting me!!!Whadda~guess better get going now before i am out of blood!!


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